How to Build Your Pitch Deck and Raise Venture Capital

I’ve been working with founders for nearly 25 years. As their attorney, as a co-founder and now as a venture capitalist. At GrowthX, we’ve invested in nearly 50 seed stage companies..

One of the most common mistakes I see founders make is trying to build their pitch deck without first building a storyboard.

Your pitch deck is nothing more than visual design layered on top of a compelling narrative.

Start with a storyboard and a better pitch deck will follow. 

I’ve created a storyboard framework that I’ve used to help founders from around the world create a compelling narrative for early-stage venture investors.

It’s designed to reverse-engineer exactly what an investor is looking for when screening opportunities and deciding who to meet with and fund.

Click here to download your own copy of my storyboard framework, along with a video of me walking you through every slide (including common mistakes to avoid, best practices and examples).

BTW – in the video, you’ll hear me refer to “ICP” several times. That’s your Ideal Customer Profile. That’s the single most important step you can take to find product-market fit. And nothing is more compelling to a venture investor than systematic revenue. After all, traction speaks louder than words (and pitch decks).

At GrowthX, we believe that helping founders is the best way to identify investment opportunities and to earn the right to partner with you. So, here’s a link to download a template and detailed video to help you identify your ideal customer profile(s).

Let us know how it’s going!

Free Download: Pitch Deck Toolkit for Founders

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