Is your copy of Four Steps to the Epiphany well-shorn and filled with marginalia? Do you care more about solving problems than selling products? Do you thrive in fast-paced, chaotic environments?

If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, and you have a history of high performance, than we want to meet you ASAP.

We are GrowthX Academy and we’re offering an immersive 12-week Sales and Business Development program that enables students to focus solely on developing skills, building a portfolio, and networking for their soon-to-begin career in technology.

We’re thrilled to be inviting competitive applications from bright, sharp, motivated individuals who bring an intelligent curiosity, a record of success in whatever they’ve done, and a passion for lifelong learning and collaborating.

You’re a Good Fit for GrowthX Academy If You:

  • Embrace ambiguity;
  • Optimize for people;
  • Define success as the success of those you help;
  • Desire building things from scratch;
  • Orient heavily towards getting shit done;
  • Love hugging elephants;
  • Have a strong desire to learn and grow and to help others do the same; and
  • Adapt and pick-up difficult concepts quickly.

You will spend most of your time working directly with real companies in Silicon Valley, solving real problems and gaining substantive, resume-building experience with companies that will need to hire to win.

The immersive training environment gives your brain the opportunity to deep-think and perform at higher levels.

You’ll form relationships with the innovators you’ll work closely with, while developing your own area of expertise, and gaining a network of likeminded peers that will grow with every academy cohort, so your professional network will continue to expand.

We’ve also put together an incredible network of professional mentors who’ve built and sold tech companies, who’ve helped shape the future of tech, and who are ready and willing to lend their expertise to help you grow both personally and professionally.

There are thousands of buildings with bricks and walls and smart people inside, dispelling knowledge from one brain to the next. So it isn’t about the what. It’s the why.

  • Do you want to work in tech?
  • Do you prefer learning by doing?
  • Do you want to start today?

Then speak with an instructor to learn more or apply for early access. Because job security is no longer about college degrees. It’s about you.