GrowthX Corporate helps companies protect and grow market share and create new profitable growth opportunities by harnessing disruption.

  • Case Study: From Pivot to Profit

    Leading prodiver of consumer, business-to-business, and indistrial digital imaging solutions.

    Develop a proprietary software system for the commercial photography market and customers will use the product “as is” under the products existing constraints.

    The market wanted to develop custom solutions around the core patented areas of the platform. This required the company to open up the platform via an Application Program Interface (API).

    This pivot created a new market opportunity and revenue stream for a legacy hardware business and grew the new customer base 300% in the first year.

  • Case Study: From Food Ingredients to SAAS

    International chemical conglomerate selling to large enterprise clients.

    Build an end-to-end software solution to help current customers research, develop and produce new food products more rapidly

    Customers want a recommendation engine with turn-key recipes, ingredients and production management based on real-time consumer trends.

    Created competetive advantage leading to competitor displacements, upsells and higher revenue per customer. In first year alone, they acquired 12 new SaaS customers.

  • Case Study: Startup Scouting + Acceleration

    Global parts manufacturer in the mobility sector

    Struggling to build, scale and consolidate a corporate venturing practice that regularly attracts relevant startups sufficiently along the path to commercialization.

    Slow-footed and unfocused processes and rules. Misaligning goals and incentives. Limited visibility into where startups are with commercialization.

    Balance sheet fund with clearly defined strategic and financial goals, along with a corporate-branded market accelerator to attract high-performing startups, provide real strategic help to build corporate reputation and efficiently increase “hit rate” for co-development opportunities.

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