Venture Capital and

Revenue Acceleration

You find product-market fit and we find investment opportunities.

Venture Capital

We are early-stage innovation investors with significant go-to-market experience. 

Our portfolio companies get access to our Market Acceleration Program (MXP) team. They work alongside our founders and help them find product-market fit.

The Revenue Accelerator

Don’t waste your time and equity being taught how to organize a data room and pitch venture capitalists.

The Revenue Accelerator is the only accelerator entirely dedicated to helping B2B companies win customers and grow revenue. 

We rely on the real results from MXP Online to identify and qualify investment opportunities.

  • "Pontem submitted 50 proposals in 2020, however with the focus provided by GrowthX’s tools we have sent out 30 proposals in 3 months and increased our win rate percentage.”

    Jessa Kuchmak, Pontem

  • "MXP Online cuts through the clutter and focuses entrepreneurial attention on what matters most early in the life cycle of a start-up: product-market fit. Consider yourself fortunate if you have the opportunity to be a GrowthX participant."

    Jake Burlet, CanBiocin

  • "GrowthX was instrumental to us in raising our round after completing the Matter accelerator program. Andrew took the time to learn our business and not only helped us to source capital, but guided the process to ensure everything was smooth, efficient and expedient."

    Rebecca Eydeland, Mingyian

  • "GrowthX is one of the most helpful VC’s I’ve had the privilege of working with. Long before deciding to join InHerSight’s second round the team was adding value, brainstorming ways to enhance the platform, reaching into their network to make meaningful connections, and being genuinely accessible and approachable."

    Ursula Mead, InHerSight

  • "Within a week of using MXP Online, it completely turned around how I saw my own start-up and approached growth. I absolutely love how MXP Online approaches start-up growth as a science experiment, solving for one variable at a time."

    Abhi Grover, TestCollab

  • “We were lucky to have the GrowthX opportunity! Our sales increased 400% during the program, and this year we will do 10X our last fiscal year."

    Allie Knull, Resume Free

  • "Having GrowthX on your side is like having a co-founder that is an absolute authority on lean thinking, business strategy and achieving product-market fit."

    Sashank Purighalla, BOS Framework (a Techstars company)

  • "Before investing in my company I always felt that the interactions with GrowthX were more of a mentor/mentee relationship where they truly wanted to see me succeed and not just for their own economic gains. They are a great team that perfectly balances humanity, the need to create value (for all involved) and unique skills focused on accelerating the growth of promising companies."

    Eric Howie, Life Detection Group

  • "With GrowthX, you have a team that’s working with you and thinking on how to adapt the general process to your market."

    Agustina Sartori, GlamSt (acquired by ULTA Beauty)

  • "MXP Online has had a distinct and visible impact on not only sales, but investor conversations. We now can showcase our focus, market understanding, and sales plans to address our target market in a way that resonates with investors."

    Anthea Sargeaunt, 2S Water

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