To help introduce our new partnership between GrowthX Academy and Climb Credit, we’re bringing you a joint blog post with GrowthX Academy co-founder Andrew Goldner and Climb Credit’s Rachel Seitz.

One of the best parts of working at Climb Credit is meeting other companies and people who are striving for the same goal we have, to improve people’s lives through access to quality education. It’s just one of the reasons we’re excited to begin working with GrowthX Academy, a school whose mission of positively impacting students’ lives matches our own. And to help introduce our new partnership, we’re bringing you a joint blog post with GrowthX Academy co-founder Andrew Goldner.

GrowthX Academy and Climb Credit


With its foundations in GrowthX, a Silicon Valley–based venture capital firm, the academy was created after a realization that a common reason why startups fail is that the founders focused on building an interesting product, but not on the needs of the market. GrowthX Academy is led by people who want to make sure that new and growing companies not only have the skills to build products, but also the skills to bring these products to the rest of the world. 2016 saw nearly 18,000 students graduate coding bootcamps, but the rise in new product developers and programmers has also brought about a rise in need for people who know how to market the products being built. In answer to this gap, GrowthX Academy offers courses in Sales and Business Development, Growth Marketing, and UX Design — abilities that are ever more useful in a quickly growing and constantly changing tech economy.

Though, it’s really less about what they do than the motivations for doing it. Theirs are evinced by even the quickest look at their core values: people first, professional will, exponential thinking, trust, respect and inclusivity, gratefulness, transparency, and humility. (Of course, we highly recommend heading over to their Core Values page to get a full picture!) All you need to do is speak to the people at GrowthX to see these values in action.

So now we’d like to introduce you to Andrew, who’s here to talk about working with our Partnership Development Associate Lily, giving an inside look at the process of creating a new partnership and what this partnership is like from the school’s perspective.


From our first conversation with Lily Cohen it was clear that Climb could help our students make the transition into tech without learning to code and do so in a manner that was consistent with our core values. Lily was transparent about the successful history of Climb helping coding bootcamps solve the shortage of product talent. She quickly appreciated the exponential thinking necessary to spot the opportunity to complement product developers with market developers.

At GrowthX Academy, our success metric is not tuition paid; it’s preparing our students with the skills they need to find jobs that they will love. Similarly, in asking us tough questions and requiring documentation, Lily shared that Climb is focused on schools that justify the cost of their tuition and help people improve their earning potential.

Rather than impose complex processes and rules to determine whether or not to partner with GrowthX, Lily and I spoke at length about the life-long community that GrowthX Academy graduates are welcomed into and the relationships that they form with instructors and mentors, as well as the people and companies associated with GrowthX CapitalGrowthX Corporate and our Market Acceleration Program. Lily put people first and made it clear to me that Climb thinks of our students as more than just a credit score.

GrowthX Academy is grateful to be working with Climb to help transform education and help a wide variety of people transition into tech — including veterans of all branches of our armed services.

And from us here at Climb, we want to thank Andrew for taking the time to speak with us, and for dedicating his time and energy into working to help people better their lives. We’re so excited to begin this partnership and to have the opportunity to witness the success of your students!