GrowthX Capital

Seed-stage venture capital for technology startups looking to scale their early customer-funded traction in search of profitable, predictable and scalable revenue.

What We Believe In

  • Seed-Stage Capital Must Produce Product-Market Fit. The cost and complexity of technology has been drastically reduced and product talent is plentiful. Companies rarely fail because the technology doesn’t work. This fundamental shift has changed the way we view investment opportunities and raised the bar on real traction and real revenue. There has never been greater need for seed-stage companies to gain real traction in the marketplace and find the talent to help them grow.
  • Success comes from customer revenue, not venture capital subsidy. How much money you raise, at what valuation and from which venture capitalist is not a sustainable success story. We’re in search of founders who have bootstrapped themselves through product development and who are now raising venture capital to propel themselves through market development in search of profitable, predictable and scalable revenue.For select GrowthX Capital portfolio companies, our Market Acceleration Program operates precisely for that reason.
  • Founders shouldn’t have to leave their homes to build great companies. Something’s wrong when company founders feel the need to uproot from their homes and move to Silicon Valley to be close to their capitalists. Proximity to customers is what matters.We are pioneering down a different path as a Seed-stage Micro VC fund precisely to solve the current problem imposed by most funders that founders be geographically close (in most cases, to Silicon Valley). The purpose of GrowthX Academy, GrowthX Corporate and our Market Acceleration Program is to earn investment opportunities, help identify and contribute capital, and train market development talent in non-obvious zip codes.

What To Expect From Us

  • Helping is our due diligence. Pitch decks are a necessary evil of the fundraising process. We prefer making investment decisions based on actual inside information that we glean from rolling-up our sleeves and helping with customer development and other early go-to-market challenges.If we intend to pursue the opportunity to invest, we often introduce a member of our Market Acceleration team for a deep dive into your market readiness, arrange for a student at GrowthX Academy to undertake a project with supervision from one of our lead instructors, extend an invite to participate in HELLp Week, or help you get into the business and corporate development pipelines of late-stage and public companies through GrowthX Corporate.
  • Our Core Values. If you want to know who we are as individuals and what we are hoping to accomplish as an organization, we invite you to explore our eight core values and determine for yourself whether we’re a good fit for you.

What We Invest In

We invest in high-quality people with big ideas that will generate large returns.

We’re looking for founders who are solving a market need, not just building an interesting product. We are grateful for the opportunity to invest across multiple industries and sectors. We invest in both B2B and B2C, though we have a strong preference for B2B. When we do invest in B2C, it’s typically a product or service that consumers pay for, rather than an aggregation of users to be sold to advertisers. Our portfolio highlights the diversity of our investment interests.

“Before investing in my company I always felt that the interactions with GrowthX were more of a mentor/mentee relationship where they truly wanted to see me succeed and not just for their own economic gains. Their “due dilgence” in my company consisted of selflessly helping me grow my company! This is truly unheard of!! They are a great team that perfectly balances humanity, the need to create value (for all involved) and unique skills focused on accelerating the growth of promising companies.”

Eric Howie, Life Detection Technologies

When We Invest

We typically invest once a startup has early customer traction. That oftens means early revenue, though it might mean customer pilots or other first-customer relationships. We recognize and reward that distinction because we consider early customer traction to be critical for learning, not necessarily for profit.

At the Seed Stage, the amount of revenue is far less important than generating an awareness of which customer-type, market messaging and customer acquisition methods are going to translate into the most profitable, predictable and scalable revenue. Defining those “three dimensions of revenue” is the objective of the Seed Stage. Our Market Acceleration Program is designed precisely for that reason and is available for select GrowthX Capital portfolio companies.

Want Us To Invest In You?

We’re grateful to hear from founders and earn the opportunity to learn about what you are working on and how we might be of service. If you are working on something that aligns with what we invest in and the timing is relevant to when we invest, then please seek an introduction by connecting with someone in our network. 

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