GrowthX Corporate

GrowthX Corporate is a boutique innovation advisory firm that works with a small group of corporate partners to help foster and accelerate innovation through strategic advisory, startup partnerships, workshops and education programs, and project-based services. As your Entrepreneurs-In-Residence we work to understand your strategic business priorities in order to source early-stage technology partners, facilitate culture change, and validate internal and external market opportunities.

How We Differ

GrowthX Corporate works with a small group of companies and each of those partners have exclusivity in their market segment.

Our process is not based on single events or tours. We roll up our sleeves and dive into the strategic needs of your company.

Our team has experience as startup founders, investors, and corporate leaders. We help our partners cross the chasm between startup and enterprise culture to create a path forward for innovation.

How We Work With You

“Corporations that invest in innovation win.”

External Innovation
One of the fastest, most effective ways to drive innovation is through direct relationships with the entrepreneurs, startups, and technology ecosystems that are re-inventing markets and disrupting traditional business models.

What we offer:

  • Technology and Startup Scouting
  • Corporate Venture Deal Flow
  • Due Diligence Support
  • SF Innovation Outpost

Internal Innovation
Accelerate your in-house innovation efforts, build solutions customers want, and deliver meaningful solutions to market – not produce endless strategy PowerPoints.

What we offer:

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Customer Discovery and Commercialization Sprints
  • Innovation Accelerator Program
  • Executive Education and Workshops

Disrupt Yourself, or Be Disrupted
There is no single formula for innovation. A successful strategy is unique to each company and is reliant upon engaging the people in the organization around innovation. Long-lasting success depends upon aligning business strategies and innovation efforts. GrowthX Corporate utilizes the unique collection of GrowthX assets including GrowthX Capital, the Market Acceleration Program, and GrowthX Academy to provide a support system to Corporate Innovation Champions.

Connect With Us

Please reach out to learn more about our unique culture and differentiated approach to helping companies distinguish the signal from the noise and identify innovations with a clear path to market and profitability.

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