Inc. amplifies Andrew Goldner’s message about how the age of applied technology is upon us and changing the way startups get funded. With talent so plentiful, finding product-market fit early on is more important than ever before.

“Welcome to the age of applied technology. This shift from developed technology is teaching us more than we ever could have imagined and even more than that, it is changing the way start-ups…well… start up.

Andrew Goldner, Founder and Managing Director of GrowthX, a seed-stage MicroVC fund and leading market development accelerator, believes that this shift is key to getting to the bottom of what it takes to get successfully funded in this new marketplace.

Technology Has Become Cheaper and Easier
Realizing your talent, what you can bring to the table, and how you intend to do that is no longer enough to get funding. “The actual availability of talent is so much more plentiful than it has been historically, that to differentiate yourself, you are expected to have gotten much further with much less,” according to Goldner. Whereas in the past seed rounds serve as the growth platform many startups have jumped off of, now these seed rounds are being used for testing of market proof and market fit instead…”

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