The Go-to-Market Accelerator

One-on-one coaching, on-demand training and proven playbooks to help you find customers and grow revenue.

One-on-One Coaching

Join a small group of select global founders as our go-to-market experts lead one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Address your biggest challenges during your coaching sessions.

Each expert session delivers tactical insights, best practices and case studies.

On-Demand Training

Over 85 videos that guide you step-by-step through every detail of how to go-to-market, acquire customers and find product-market fit.

The most comprehensive go-to-market program available.

Stop improvising and go to market with intent!

Proven Playbooks

Over 30 detailed playbooks with step-by-step directions and a comprehensive library of dozens of downloadable templates to drive real results.

Everything you need to stop talking about go to market and to start actually acquiring customers and investors.

Venture Capital

Our Go-to-Market Accelerator is backed by GrowthX Capital, our venture capital fund.

We use the real results of the program to discover investment opportunities.

Traction speaks louder than words (and pitch decks)!

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  • "I applied the principles of The Revenue Accelerator to go from an industry-agnostic solution to a niche offering with actual market traction!"

    Lauren Wester, Lavngarde

  • "Prepare to be challenged! Participants come away with tools to differentiate your company from competitors and maximize revenues. Highly recommend the program!"

    Gary Nikiforuk, Power Kinetic Networks

  • "Thanks to The Revenue Accelerator, I reduced my sales cycle from 5 months to 2 weeks and increased my monthly revenue by 10X!"

    Joshua Salins, Hobby Tribe

  • "We started the program at $300k ARR and grew $50k/mo throughout the program. We’re now at $500k ARR and with a healthier pipeline than ever before!"

    Derrick Koenig, Ontopical

  • "We tripled our revenue in one month during the program and we are on track to do that again this month!"

    Temi Okesanya, Road Aider

  • "We doubled revenue every month we were in the program!"

    Chad Verity, Hölmetrics

  • "We grew 6X through the program!"

    Brandon Kwong, Air Trail

  • "We reduced our sales cycle from 8 months and 10 touch points to 1.5 months and 3 touch points. We just closed a $75,000 customer in 1.5 months! We're about to overshoot our annual sales forecast for the first time as a company."

    Curtis Hughes, Arolytics

  • "We grew our average customer size by 6X!"

    Al-Karim Khimji, Propra

  • "What we got for what we spent is so far apart. It's mind boggling! [The program] should have cost a lot more."

    Adam Brand, 1st Maker Space

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We Help You Execute

6 modules covering over 25 topics in step-by-step detail!

Market Foundation

Prepare for your go-to-market journey by establishing your market development resources

Market Messaging

Clearly and consistently communicate what you do for your customers, not just what you do.

Market Outreach

Generate enough conversations to test your customer and messaging hypotheses.


Market Discovery

Identify who has the most pressing problem or urgent need and who you can help today.

Market Instrumentation

Capture and analyze market feedback to avoid the mistake of bringing feelings to a data fight.

Market Scale

Increase go-to-market activities based on all prior learnings as you validate that you’re ready to scale.

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Founders Share Real Results

How to Win Customers and Grow Revenue
Do you know which of your daily activities directly lead to revenue?

Revenue is the only priority that matters for your startup. Do you know the best source of first revenue or how to best replicate your initial initial revenue?

By making a handful of small, cumulative changes, you can take control of your startup’s success.

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