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We’ve open sourced our Market Acceleration Program to help more founders get their innovation into the hands of customers and build profitable businesses!

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This blog series offers access to the same exclusive step-by-step market development process previously available only to GrowthX Capital portfolio companies.

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#gxmxp series 3

Resource Review: People

The first step to establish a strong market foundation is to take a close look at how your people, processes and technology…

#gxmxp series 2

Set a Strong Market Foundation

Welcome to the first post in our #gxmxp Series! Our journey together begins with establishing a strong market foundation. Going to market…

#gxmxp series 1

Welcome to the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program

“Welcome to the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program.” Those seven words are usually only heard by startups in the GrowthX Capital portfolio or…

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