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This blog series introduces the exclusive step-by-step market development process previously available only to GrowthX Capital portfolio companies.

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#gxmxp series 35

Final Thoughts

You did it!! You completed the entire #gxmxp Series! Take a moment to step away from the startup grind to congratulate yourself…

#gxmxp series 34

Talent Acquisition

Congratulations for making to the final exercise of the #gxmxp Series: Talent Acquisition Framework and Roadmap. Time to develop a comprehensive recruitment…

#gxmxp series 33

Nurture Frameworks

In our last post, we worked through how to create a product-market feedback loop, a data-driven source of feedback from your actual…

#gxmxp series 32

Product-Market Feedback Loops

As you initiate conversations with customers, they’re (hopefully) going to give you feedback. Some of that feedback is going to be about…

#gxmxp series 31

Customer Onboarding

If you’ve actioned your learnings from our last post, you are starting to hold regular pipeline management meetings. You’ll soon appreciate how…

#gxmxp series 30

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

Welcome to the final phase of #gxmxp: Market Results! It’s time to go beyond your initial market outreach and begin in earnest…

#gxmxp series 29

Intro to Market Results

Congratulations! You’ve made it all the way to Milestone Three of our Market Acceleration Program – Market Results. This final section is…

#gxmxp series 28

Building an Opportunity Framework

Happy New Year and welcome back to #gxmxp! In this first post of 2020  – the last post of the Market Outreach…

#gxmxp series 27

Campaign Creation and Execution

Throughout the Market Messaging phase of #gxmxp we regularly referenced future outreach campaigns. That future is now. Here in Campaign Creation and…

#gxmxp series 26

Intro to Market Outreach

It’s time to start testing our work in the #gxmxp with customers in your intended market. Our goal with this initial market…

#gxmxp series 25

Building a Marketing and Sales Tech Stack

Welcome to the 25th installment of #gxmxp! It’s time to dive into your marketing and sales technology stack and map out the…

#gxmxp series 24

Sales and Marketing Funnel

It’s time to define each step of your marketing and sales process so that you can measure your go-to-market efforts and collect…

#gxmxp series 23

Intro to Sales and Marketing Instrumentation

In the Market Messaging phase of #gxmxp that ended with our last post, we came up with your initial messaging hypothesis. Then,…

#gxmxp series 22

Conversational Frameworks

All of your work in Market Messaging so far has been leading up to crafting a conversational framework – the outline and…

#gxmxp series 21

Market Message Mapping

Now that you have your value and selling propositions, it’s time to start developing your market messaging. The first step, which we…

#gxmxp series 20

Unique Selling Propositions

In our last post, we talked about Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) – clear statements of the tangible results a customer gets from…

#gxmxp series 19

Unique Value Propositions

The next two installments of the #gxmxp Series focus on Unique Value and Unique Selling Propositions. Once you complete these two steps…

#gxmxp series 18

Customer Interviews

The first stage of market messaging is about conducting interviews with individuals who can help you confirm that you’re on the right…

#gxmxp series 17

Phase Two: Market Messaging

Congratulations! You’re ready to start the second phase of our #gxmxp Series: Market Messaging. Now that you know all about your Ideal…

#gxmxp series 16

Setting a Market Milestone

It’s time to set your first market milestone! Don’t just pull numbers out of a hat. This exercise is the summation of…

#gxmxp series 15

Data Acquisition Strategy

Now that you have planned, documented, and are closely tracking customer acquisition strategies, you’re ready for data acquisition. Today we’re going to…

#gxmxp series 14

Customer Acquisition Strategies

It’s time to initiate the customer acquisition process! In this stage of market development, you will outline potential customer acquisition strategies and…

#gxmxp series 13

Competitive Landscape

In our last post we started looking at your competitors’ pricing structure in the context of creating and testing your initial pricing…

#gxmxp series 12

Pricing Your Product/Service

This next part of the #gxmxp Series is all about developing the right price for your product/service. As you bring something new…

#gxmxp series 11

Customer Journey Mapping

Now that you have a clear Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that you’ve prioritized, the next phase of our #gxmxp Series is about…

#gxmxp series 10

Pipeline Prioritization

Now that you have a hypothesis about your shortlist of priority ICPs, it’s time to prioritize your sales pipeline based on those…

#gxmxp series 9

Ideal Customer Profiles: Part Two

With Part One of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) exercise completed, you should have identified a discrete list of ICPs. The goal…

#gxmxp series 8

Ideal Customer Profiles: Part One

The concept of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) has been around for a long time. It has been heavily researched, written and…

#gxmxp series 7

Current Account Mapping and Pipeline Review

As we head into Market Discovery, remember that this phase is about effectively evaluating all potential customer profiles and go-to-market strategies that…

#gxmxp series 6

Intro to Market Discovery

Congratulations on completing the Market Foundation phase of our #gxmxp Series!  What You Learned in Market Foundation In Market Foundation, you conducted…

#gxmxp series 5

Marketing and Sales Tech Stack

In the previous post of our #gxmxp Series, we reviewed your current marketing and sales processes. We used the Marketing and Sales…

#gxmxp series 4

Marketing and Sales Processes

In the last post of our #gxmxp Series, we started building our Market Foundation with a review of your current team and…

#gxmxp series 3

Resource Review: People

The first step to establish a strong market foundation is to take a close look at how your people, processes and technology…

#gxmxp series 2

Set a Strong Market Foundation

Welcome to the first post in our #gxmxp Series! Our journey together begins with establishing a strong market foundation. Going to market…

#gxmxp series 1

Welcome to the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program

“Welcome to the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program.” Those seven words are usually only heard by startups in the GrowthX Capital portfolio or…

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