#gxmxp Series

We’re opening our Market Acceleration Program to the world to help more founders build profitable businesses!

The #gxmxp Series includes the exclusive step-by-step market development program previously available only to GrowthX Capital portfolio companies.

#gxmxp series 1

Welcome to the GrowthX Market Acceleration Program

The #gxmxp is an exclusive program to help high-performing innovators find the truth about where, if at all, their product or service fits into a market and, if so, to accelerate their path to predictable and profitable growth.

#gxmxp series 2

Intro to Market Foundation

Setting a strong Market Foundation starts with taking a close (and honest) look at how your people, processes and technology are aligned to support market development versus product development.

#gxmxp series 3

Resource Review: People

Learn how to conduct a thorough assessment of how your team's time and talent is divided between developing market versus developing product, and how to effectively fill the gaps to go to market.

#gxmxp series 4

Marketing and Sales Processes

Learn how to analyze your current marketing and sales processes to map out how you are currently attracting, engaging and supporting your customers.

#gxmxp series 5

Marketing and Sales Tech Stack

Learn how to evaluate and improve the technology and collateral you’re using to perform and measure your sales and marketing efforts.

#gxmxp series 6

Intro to Market Discovery

Market Discovery is about effectively evaluating all potential customer profiles and go-to-market strategies that fit into your market development budget.

#gxmxp series 7

Current Account Mapping and Pipeline Review

Learn how to analyze your current leads, opportunities, and customer conversations to identify patterns critical to forming initial hypotheses about your Ideal Customer Profile.

#gxmxp series 8

Ideal Customer Profiles: Part One

ICP is, perhaps, the most critical element of Market Development. Learn to identify clear behavioral patterns and common characteristics of the people with the biggest needs/wants/problems that you can solve today with your current product (not your product roadmap).

#gxmxp series 9

Ideal Customer Profiles: Part Two

Time to transition from a hypothetical ICP to a clear and tangible target customer that you can easily identify in the real world.

#gxmxp series 10

Pipeline Prioritization

Learn how to analyze the leads, opportunities, customers in your sales pipeline to eliminate everyone who doesn’t fit your shortlist of priority ICPs and sharpen your focus. 

#gxmxp series 11

Customer Journey Mapping

Learn how to adapt UX principles to better understand the customer journey as it relates to the customers' experience interacting with you and your sales process.

#gxmxp series 12

Pricing Your Product/Service

Learn the process and methodologies to develop the right price for your product or service.

#gxmxp series 13

Competitive Landscape

Learn how to conduct effective competitive research and analysis by identifying the specific items to look for, how to look for them, why they are important and how to generate insights to get to market faster.

#gxmxp series 14

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Learn to outline potential customer acquisition strategies and channels, prioritize these strategies, and identify the resources needed to execute those strategies. 

#gxmxp series 15

Data Acquisition Strategy

Learn how to find the exact people you should target when you implement your customer acquisition strategies. 

#gxmxp series 16

Setting a Market Milestone

Learn the importance of and how to calculate Market Milestones, quantifiable, traction-based results of your market development efforts.

#gxmxp series 17

Intro to Market Messaging

Now that you have identified your initial Ideal Customer Profile(s), it’s crucial to understand how to effectively communicate with them. 

#gxmxp series 18

Customer Interviews

Learn how to conduct effective customer interviews to help you confirm whether or not you are on the right path with your ideal customer profile.

#gxmxp series 19

Unique Value Propositions

Learn to craft and communicate your Unique Value Proposition, a clear statement of the tangible results a customer enjoys from using your product or service. It's not what you do, it's what you do for your customers.

#gxmxp series 20

Unique Selling Propositions

Learn how to craft a Unique Selling Proposition, a statement that effectively communicates your company's competitive differentiation.

#gxmxp series 21

Market Message Mapping

Learn how to build a Market Message Map to translate your product’s functionality into your product’s value in a manner that will resonate with your intended audience.

#gxmxp series 22

Conversational Frameworks

Learn how to build a Conversational Framework to help customers understand the value they’ll gain from your product or service. Don't sell. Instead, seek fit.

#gxmxp series 23

Intro to Sales and Marketing Instrumentation

In the Market Messaging phase of #gxmxp that ended with our last post, we came up with your initial messaging hypothesis. Then,…

#gxmxp series 24

Sales and Marketing Funnel

It’s time to define each step of your marketing and sales process so that you can measure your go-to-market efforts and collect data that will inform your hypotheses going forward.

#gxmxp series 25

Building a Marketing and Sales Tech Stack

It’s time to dive into your marketing and sales technology stack and map out the purpose for each tool and how and where it connects into your overall sales funnel.

#gxmxp series 26

Intro to Market Outreach

The goal of initial market outreach is to generate enough conversations to test, iterate and re-test all of your hypotheses before pressing down the pedal too hard so that it overly taxes your limited resources.

#gxmxp series 27

Campaign Creation and Execution

Learn how to develop, execute, iterate and optimize outbound customer acquisition campaigns.

#gxmxp series 28

Building an Opportunity Framework

As you start moving leads into opportunities and begin having actual conversations with potential customers, this post teaches you how to build a powerful collateral toolbox.

#gxmxp series 29

Intro to Market Results

Introducing Milestone Three of the MXP – Market Results. Time to stop hypothesizing and start executing, tracking and iterating.

#gxmxp series 30

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

Learn the importance of and how to run regularly scheduled sales meetings to monitor all of your customer conversations and organize, understand and prioritize market feedback.

#gxmxp series 31

Customer Onboarding

Time to start developing and documenting a streamlined process for customer onboarding.

#gxmxp series 32

Product-Market Feedback Loops

Time to build a Product-Market Feedback Loop, a system to collect all of that feedback and quickly implement changes based on it to accelerate learning and find product-market fit.

#gxmxp series 33

Nurture Frameworks

Learn how to create long-term communications with customers that remain qualified but haven’t moved as fast as you’d hoped.

#gxmxp series 34

Talent Acquisition

The goal of the Talent Acquisition Framework and Roadmap phase is to identify the skills and roles you’ll need before you need them to avoid making costly mistakes with your runway.

#gxmxp series 35

Final Thoughts

In this final post, we share critical insights to make sure you have everything you need to find the truth about where your product/service fits into the market.

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