Adam August

Sales & Business Development

“Before GrowthX Academy it would have taken me a year or more to get clarity into what I wanted. After going through 12 weeks at GrowthX Academy I know what I want and I know how to get it. My path is so much clearer and I have a ton of people I can rely on for support and guidance. The knowledge I gained allows me to have an impact immediately at my new job as a Business Development Rep at Sales Hacker.”

Agustina Sartori


“With GrowthX, you have a team that’s working with you and thinking on how to adapt the general process to your market. They work with you! They understand the little aspects of your business, that’s the difference. They’re re ally involved in operation of the sales process.”

Amy Shah


“Working with GrowthX Academy on a student project was a wonderful experience that allowed us to learn new techniques from the student and have them participate in solving some major challenges for us. The quality of work was excellent and we would love to work with more Growth X Academy students in the future.”

Brittney Kerner

Sales & Business Development

“GrowthX Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve made! The academy helped transform my career and develop my network in SF. Thanks to GrowthX, I’m now working full time in sales operations for one of their portfolio companies, Distribute. I feel motivated when I go to work, I enjoy the work I do, and I’m surrounded by an incredible group of people! I couldn’t be happier.”

Casey Schumacher

Sales & Business Development

“Before GrowthX Academy I was really insecure about my skills and had lost my confidence after my last sales job. I knew where I wanted to be but not how to get there. Now I have reinstated my confidence and learned new skills that will be very beneficial to my career. As a result, I just started a job as the renaissance rep for a great company.”

Ellie Bolus


“Working with GrowthX has been an amazing experience. Not only do you get a network of mentors and talented people who are committed to your company, but you also get a network of people who are committed to you and your personal success. Growth X has become my family – giving me tough love when I’ve needed it with the intention of helping me become a better leader, entrepreneur, and person.

They’ve helped me uncover the unknown unknowns, which is necessary in this day and age because we don’t have the time to make all the mistakes we have to make, in order to learn and grow. The wisdom and the lessons these guys have to share is invaluable and they take their decades and decades of experience in the startup world and boil it down for you.

Having GrowthX as an extension of our team was invaluable early on and gave us access to people and skills that we wouldn’t have otherwise had access to and put us on a path towards growth. We now have a framework and a mindset that we still use every day to think about how we grow Choix and continue to be successful.

We wouldn’t be where we are without them and I am grateful and honored to continue to work with them and be part of the GrowthX family.”

Emilia Chagas


“We chose GrowthX as investors for their B2B expertise, for sharing our belief that success comes from customer revenue first and their stellar Market Acceleration Program. The team helped Contentools with their mapped out methodology applied to go-to-market, allowing us to replicate the step-by-step process to our own reality and scale. Their network also stands out and we can still count on them to connect us with the right people and providers.”

Eric Brock

Bohemian Guitars

“We have completed 2 student projects with GrowthX Academy and they have been a huge help for our team, I was surprised how much the students learn in a quick time period. They are able to lead me in areas that I previously new little about and set up a foundation for building more sales upon.”

Eric Howie

Life Detection Technologies

“Before investing in my company I always felt that the interactions with GrowthX were more of a mentor/mentee relationship where they truly wanted to see me succeed and not just for their own economic gains. Their “due dilgence” in my company consisted of selflessly helping me grow my company! This is truly unheard of!! They are a great team that perfectly balances humanity, the need to create value (for all involved) and unique skills focused on accelerating the growth of promising companies.”

Fynn Glover


“GrowthX has been a great partner for RootsRated. They’ve been readily available whenever we have questions. They’re thoughtful, direct, and helpful, and their partners bring to the table a broad surface area of expertise. We felt that with GrowthX’s expertise in media and familiarity with the content marketing landscape, they’d be able to provide strategic advice alongside of their capital. Additionally, Andrew and his partners have connected us to other investors and have been helpful advisors as it relates to our storytelling and positioning.”

Jae Ro

Growth Marketing

“There are times I have questioned whether switching careers is really the right thing, but I no longer have those thoughts. I know I made the right choice and GrowthX Academy helps expose me to various startups and the startup community. Being a student has its benefits and the program just gets me plugged into the tech startup community right away.”

Jason Kabaker


The project was definitely helpful to us. It helped us figure out how to write a 6-step drip campaign and A/B test different copy, narrow down an ICP, and execute on a drip campaign and measure results.The student did an excellent job with us and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I definitely would recommend the student project experience to other companies.We would absolutely be interested in participating in future student projects.I just wish we had a bit more time with them before they graduated =)

Jordan Lamb

Growth Marketing

“GrowthX Academy has been an awesome experience. It is definitely a collaborative environment that is focused on relationships vs. impersonal pushing people through the system. There is an amazing level of expertise and mentorship available from people that intrinsically want to help you on a personal level and not just think of you as a metric.”

Michela Wilde

Parallel Works

“One thing I’d highly recommend is for interested companies to do the MXP Hellp Week. Having spent those two days with students, I more or less knew what i was getting myself into and set/managed expectations appropriately. The strategic overview to share the knowledge and path forward with the team was very helpful. Working through the process of identifying the ICP, designing messaging etc. was also helpful.”

Nicole Mossman


“I chose GrowthX for their team. Their collaborative “do with” culture and synergistic portfolio of companies have already proven to be a huge value add for EverThread.”

Oliver Camargo


“The GrowthX team is full of good human beings that thoroughly understand the challenges of building and scaling a tech startup. Given this, they play a massive advisory and support role that is invaluable for founders and key team members.”

Pavan Boob


“I chose GrowthX because the partners are all experienced operators and different from typical SV investors, so having that grounding is very helpful to build a truly long lasting business. During the process, they were very transparent and their focus on nailing true customer need before scaling resonated with me. Everyone is very accessible and they proactively respond to ‘the asks’ in our investor updates and look for multiple opportunities to help us.”

Raquel Rodriguez

UX Design

“My experience at GrowthX Academy has been and continues to be challenging, rich, full of support and feedback, and invigorating. I am in full control of where I will be with the tools I have learned here – not just material on UX, but on soft skills and building the foundations for the kind of professional I want to be in my career. My mind has shifted from whether I will be able to get a good job after the class to taking an active role in crafting the career I want. I can tell that GrowthX will be a family hub throughout my career.”

Rebecca Eydeland


“GrowthX was instrumental to us in raising our round after completing the Matter accelerator program. Andrew took the time to learn our business and not only helped us to source capital, but guided the process to ensure everything was smooth, efficient and expedient.”

Rust Felix


“I’ll admit it, marketing doesn’t come naturally to Slope’s team of engineers, logisticians, and software developers. GrowthX used their market development expertise to help us think exponentially about novel ways to spread our message to our target audience. Their ability to provide practical advice to founders was a huge reason we welcomed them in our fundraising round. The team at GrowthX is more than just a group of check writers, they are partners who help us reach our full potential.”

Thatcher Spring


“GrowthX has been a fantastic partner in growing my business. The team is extremely supportive and eager to help with anything we need, whether it’s a simple introduction to someone in their network, or more hands on advice on go-to-market initiatives. I feel lucky to have found such a talented and passionate group and would recommend GrowthX as a partner to anyone building a business in the technology sector.”

Ursula Mead


“GrowthX is one of the most helpful VC’s I’ve had the privilege of working with. Long before deciding to join InHerSIght’s second round the team was adding value, brainstorming ways to enhance the platform, reaching into their network to make meaningful connections, and being genuinely accessible and approachable. The GrowthX team takes supporting their portfolio companies to a new level and I’m excited to be working with them!”