The Google Maps of Go to Market

Live coaching, on-demand training and interactive playbooks to find product-market fit.


For founders already working with a go-to-market expert


(or $99 per month)

  • 85+ coaching videos
  • 11+ hours of coaching content
  • 31 interactive exercises
  • 34 downloadable templates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


For founders who want live coaching and expert instruction.


(or $125 per month)

  • Everything included in Founder plan
  • Twelve small-group coaching sessions
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Meet with GrowthX Capital
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


For organizations that support entrepreneurs.

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  • White Label Platform
  • Stage-gated content
  • Live workshops
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Access for staff and mentors
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • "The company I coached [through MXP Online] put the learnings to work and achieved noticeable improvement in customer acquisition metrics. I would strongly recommend this program!"

    Kristina Milke, K-Gar Consulting

  • "MXP Online, a product-market fit virtual accelerator from GrowthX, is the best curriculum and training I've seen for early-stage founders. Can't recommend it enough."

    Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

  • “If you’re considering MXP from GrowthX, just stop considering and move forward. Trust me! We’ve been blown away by the results!!”

    Kathryn Lockhart, Propel

  • "What I like about MXP Online, running an accelerator myself, is the focus on going super deep on market traction. It’s a no-holds-barred deep dive into who you sell to, getting proof from that specific buyer, tailoring materials, meetings, and your team.”

    Colin Christensen, Fuse42 Accelerator

  • “The combination of Alberta-based coaches and the GrowthX team working side by side allows Alberta to grow its knowledge and coaching capacity while also growing companies.”

    Carla Otto, Alberta Innovates

  • “We chose GrowthX because their MXP provides everything founders need to develop revenue and find product-market fit."

    Les Schmidt, BRIIA

  • ”GrowthX MXP is the perfect partner to help Malaysia succeed in the Innovation Economy”

    Yasmin Mahmood, Malaysia Digital Economy Corp

  • “We believe MXP provides systematic guidance for our startups. Personally, as the Director leading Born2Global, I have a lot of respect for the team, especially their dedication and passion for startups.”

    JaeSung Ro, Born2Global Korea

  • “MXP Online provides practical tools and processes to guide founders toward optimal product-market fit. I highly recommend this invaluable accelerator for any and all start-ups.”

    Brian Donaldson, Alberta Innovates

  • “We were lucky to have the GrowthX opportunity! Our sales increased 400% during the program and this year, we will do 10X of our last fiscal year."

    Allie Knull, Resume Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Expert go-to-market accelerator?

Every month for 12 months you will join a small group of founders from around the world for a go-to-market coaching session covering every step along your path to product-market fit. Additionally, you will enjoy four individual coaching sessions at your convenience covering the go-to-market topics of your choice.

What will I accomplish with MXP Online?
At the conclusion of MXP Online, you will have early traction with reference customers, and you will have identified and documented the specific activities that will
accelerate predictable, scalable and profitable growth.

Here is a link to a list of your real results.

I’m in an accelerator can I use MXP Online?

The Basic plan is an excellent framework to get real results from the mentors that you have access to through your accelerator.

Accelerators also license MXP Online, so check with your accelerator team and share this link with them.

When does the program start and finish?

MXP Online is self-paced and entirely online. It’s not academic, as you will be going to market in real-time from Day 1. The path to product-market fit is non-linear, and you should expect to revisit earlier modules as you receive market feedback.

The Expert plan provides expert, live guidance at every step to help you interpret the market signals and save time and money finding product-market fit.

My company sells services, not products. Will MXP Online help me?

Yes! Products, services and the markets they serve may all be unique, but the path to finding product-market fit is not. The same go-to-market steps apply whether you are selling a product or a service.

I want to go work for a startup, will MXP Online help me get a job?

Yes! The #1 reason why startups fail is spending too much time and money building features and functions that do not solve a market need.

There is an intense demand for go-to-market talent. MXP Online will fully prepare you to succeed as an early business hire.