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  • 90+ coaching videos
  • 12+ hours of coaching content
  • 31 interactive exercises
  • 34 downloadable templates
  • "When GrowthX says, "First we help," they mean it. Their commitment to cohort members is intense, sincere, and helpful. Totally worth the time, money, and effort!"

    Joe Bellavance, Slice

  • "Thanks to GrowthX we doubled our revenue!"

    Ben Newtown, Pluritem Health

  • "In the month after completing The Revenue Accelerator by GrowthX, we've landed 8 new customers and increased our MRR by 25%!"

    Louis Kolla, RUNNR

  • "The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is the most effective program that I've participated in! It's been the difference between success and failure for us, as recent new revenue is a direct result of the program."

    Peter Gammell, onthejob

  • "GrowthX is a catalyst to great things!"

    Jeremy Burke, DryRun

  • "GrowthX helped us identify our Ideal Customer Profile, which allowed our customer acquisition efforts to be laser-focused. We already landed a sales opportunity with a Fortune 1000 company!"

    Babak Shahmansouri, StoryBolt

  • "With the help of GrowthX we signed 4 new contracts in one month!"

    William Birdsong, DocuMentor

  • "GrowthX helped me to structure my sales process, define the Ideal Customer Profile, narrow down my efforts, start thinking about the individual decision-makers instead of the company as a whole, and orient our messaging around what that person actually cares about.”

    Ross Tisdale, Blue Sky Analytics

  • "I applied the principles of The Revenue Accelerator to go from an industry-agnostic solution to a niche offering with actual market traction!"

    Lauren Wester, Lavngarde

  • "Prepare to be challenged! Participants come away with tools to differentiate your company from competitors and maximize revenues. Highly recommend the program!"

    Gary Nikiforuk, Power Kinetic Networks