Forbes puts GrowthX in the company of Steve Case and Paul Graham. We all agree that founders should not have to leave their homes to build great companies.

“Every start-up hears this advice incessantly: If you’re serious, move to Silicon Valley. That’s where you find the most money, the best engineers and all the spillover benefits of breathing the same air that nourished Facebook, Google, etc. Lately, though, some savvy tech investors have begun drafting a new heat map, in which the Valley isn’t quite as important and middle America wins new respect.

One well-known advocate of this new approach is America Online founder Steve Case. He’s been visiting cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia and Buffalo the past few years as part of his Rise of the Rest tour, in which he argues that tech’s next cycle of innovation will be spread across the U.S. much more evenly. In a new book, The Third Wave, Case builds out that point of view by suggesting that entrepreneurs should look for ways to drive change by partnering with existing giants in industries such as education, healthcare and transportation.

Another convert: Paul Graham, the engineer/blogger who co-founded one of Silicon Valley’s best-known start-up incubators, Y Combinator. He’s now a big booster of Pittsburgh…

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