We invest our expertise and capital in post-revenue, capital-efficient, highly-scalable companies that want help going to market and finding product-market fit.

Who We Invest In?

We're looking for founders with a GrowthX Mindset: learn-it-alls (not know-it-alls). Founders choose GrowthX because of our deep expertise in commercializing innovation (i.e., finding product-market fit). We rarely invest in founders who only want our money. The GrowthX Market Acceleration Program (MXP) is an objectives-based accelerator that maximizes equity-value creation. It is available exclusively to our portfolio companies in exchange for 5% equity that vests throughout the program only when market milestones are achieved.

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How Much We Invest?

Our first check is typically between $100,000 and $250,000 and our Limited Partners frequently write checks alongside of us in the amount of $500,000 to $1,000,000. We make follow-on investments in founders that keep us current throughout the journey.

Is GrowthX a Good Fit?

The best way to get our attention is through a warm introduction from someone who knows us. Please be prepared to share your pitch deck, financial model and cap table. Your cap table should include details of any outstanding convertible instruments. We do not invest in Limited Liability Companies.

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  • Market Acceleration Program (MXP)

  • Market Acceleration Program (MXP)

  • Market Acceleration Program (MXP)

  • Product-Market Fit Imperative

    In the past, technology was expensive and complex and product talent was sparse. The biggest risk for startups was in the product itself. But now, the costs and complexity of technology have been drastically reduced, and product talent is plentiful.

    The risk has shifted away from product development towards market development. However, the way startups function has not.

    The GrowthX Market Acceleration Program (MXP) covers every step of the process to find product-market fit while reducing the time and capital required to get there.

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  • Product-Market Fit Program

    The MXP is a hands-on program that you work through with one of our MXP-certified product-market fit experts. It’s not just learning; the focus is all on doing. We guide you step-by-step and work alongside of you as you perform the actual work required to acquire customers and grow revenue.

    From the start of the MXP, everything you learn and do will be about identifying customers with the highest revenue potential matched with the highest likelihood of winning that revenue. It throughly covers the following main subjects with numerous sub-topics:

    • Ideal Customer Profile Identification
    • Business & Pricing Models
    • Strategic Account & Pipeline Management
    • Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • Campaign Creation & Execution
    • Unique Value & Selling Propositions
    • Conversational Frameworks
    • Collateral Development & Initial Attraction Frameworks
    • Marketing & Sales Funnel Creation & Tech Implementation
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Customer Onboarding & Implementation Frameworks
    • Talent Acquisition Roadmap

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  • Joining the MXP

    The MXP is rigorous. Founding teams must be prepared to focus their time, energy and resources on market development. Companies are required to implement leading tools and proven systems to collect traction data and analyze results.

    Participants must provide GrowthX with clear visibility of their entire revenue pipeline. At the end of each phase, a company must be certified as having successfully completed the requirements to advance to the next phase.

    Our percentage ownership increases upon certification of each of the three phases of the program, for a total of 5% of equity in addition to the amount purchased by the investment from GrowthX.

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Our Philosophy

  1. Relationships matter more than transactions.
    We’re much more interested in who you are than what you are building.
  2. Nothing happens until someone sells something.
    We don’t care how cool your product is if it’s not solving a market problem in a scalable way.
  3. The best people to raise money from are your customers.
    Customers don’t take equity or Board seats and they only want you to help them. Success comes from customer revenue, not venture capital subsidy.
  4. Founders shouldn’t have to leave their homes to build great companies.
    Proximity to customers is what matters; not proximity to capitalists. We proudly invest outside of Silicon Valley.

The Stewardship Pledge For the Innovation Investor

  • The Pledge

    We will not advance our own interests at the expense of GrowthX, our investee companies, our capital partners, or society.

  • The Pledge

    We will manage our investments with loyalty and care and we will report the performance and risks of our organization and our investee companies accurately and honestly to our capital partners.

  • The Pledge

    We will understand and uphold, in letter and in spirit, the laws and contracts governing our conduct and that of GrowthX and our investee companies, and refrain from corruption, unfair competition, or other business practices harmful to society.

  • The Pledge

    We will recognize the power imbalance inherent in the relationship between investor and entrepreneur, and will not abuse our position, engage in sexual harassment or discrimination, or condone it in the organizations and communities around us.

  • The Pledge

    We will protect the human rights and dignity of all people impacted by GrowthX and our investee companies, and oppose discrimination both within our investee companies and in the process of selecting investments.

  • The Pledge

    We will promote a culture of inclusion, seek out diversity of all types, and foster a sense of belonging among all the organizations and communities in which we work. To further continuing awareness and action, we will participate to the extent of our abilities in open discussion and reporting across our industry as well as encourage others to do the same.

  • The Pledge

    We will develop ourselves, and coach, mentor, and apprentice the next generation of investors.

  • The Pledge

    We will work with our stakeholders to support sustainable inclusive prosperity and to minimize the negative consequences of our actions to the environment and society.


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