Spreadsheets, not Pitch Decks

The lore of the pitch deck and the theatre of the demo day are receding into the background and are being replaced with the rigors of building a thoughtful financial model.

The Accelerator Stack

The most successful accelerators are the ones that can consistently attract the best founders and, in turn, venture investors. However, that’s becoming increasingly more difficult for any single program to do, as the number of accelerators continues to surge and virtual-first programs create global competition. It’s become more challenging for accelerators to stand out in …

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Go To Market in 2023

Traction speaks louder than words and pitch decks. Even more so in 2023! And not just any traction.  In 2023, your traction must be the result of a capital efficient go-to-market strategy. Regardless of your specific product and market, there are 4 keys to executing capital efficient go-to-market in 2023. Define Traction All too often, …

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What’s It Take to Find PMF?

Not finding product-market fit (and the systematic revenue that follows) is the most common cause of startup failure. So, what does it take to find product-market fit? I’m not asking how you find product-market fit. I covered that in this blog post. I’m asking about the traits that separate successful founders from the rest. What …

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The 2022 SaaS Funding Napkin

Christoph Janz (PointNine) recently published the 2022 version of his popular SaaS Funding Napkin. As the name implies, the SaaS Funding Napkin aggregates primary SaaS milestones required to raise venture capital and summarizes them as if on the back of a napkin. The SaaS Funding Napkin is useful reference material for any SaaS founder.   …

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5 Steps to Confirm PMF

We all know that finding product-market fit is critical for any founder looking to grow their startup and attract investors. Accelerator and investors constantly stress to founders that they must acquire and demonstrate that they have product-market fit in order to be successful. But how do you know when you have product-market fit? For starters, …

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5 Reasons Your Accelerator Needs Go-To-Market Programming

Here are the five primary reasons why your accelerator needs go-to-market programming (including a detailed guide to help you implement best practices today). 1. Your founders need a go-to-market strategy to satisfy the new standard of investor-readiness.  Times have changed for accelerators. It’s no longer enough to help your founders build their pitch deck, organize …

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