Venture Capital and

Go-to-Market Expertise

Entrepreneurs find product-market fit, and we find investments.

Traction Speaks Louder Than Words

We are innovation investors with significant go-to-market experience. 

We invest our capital and expertise in post-revenue, capital-efficient, highly-scalable companies that want help going to market and finding product-market fit.

The Google Maps of Go to Market

All founders, and the organizations that support them, have access to our go-to-market expertise via MXP Online.

We rely on the real results from MXP Online to identify and qualify investment opportunities.

  • “I’ll admit it, marketing doesn’t come naturally to Slope’s team of engineers, logisticians, and software developers. GrowthX used their market development expertise to help us think exponentially about novel ways to spread our message to our target audience. The team at GrowthX is more than just a group of check writers, they are partners who help us reach our full potential.”

    Rust Felix,

  • “I chose GrowthX because the partners are all experienced operators and different from typical SV investors, so having that grounding is very helpful to build a truly long lasting business. During the process, they were very transparent and their focus on nailing true customer need before scaling resonated with me.”

    Pavan Boob, FleetPanda

  • "GrowthX has been a fantastic partner in growing my business. The team is extremely supportive and eager to help with anything we need, whether it’s a simple introduction to someone in their network, or more hands on advice on go-to-market initiatives. I feel lucky to have found such a talented and passionate group and would recommend GrowthX as a partner."

    Thatcher Spring, GearLaunch

  • "GrowthX was instrumental to us in raising our round after completing the Matter accelerator program. Andrew took the time to learn our business and not only helped us to source capital, but guided the process to ensure everything was smooth, efficient and expedient."

    Rebecca Eydeland, Mingyian

  • "Before investing in my company I always felt that the interactions with GrowthX were more of a mentor/mentee relationship where they truly wanted to see me succeed and not just for their own economic gains. They are a great team that perfectly balances humanity, the need to create value (for all involved) and unique skills focused on accelerating the growth of promising companies."

    Eric Howie, Life Detection Group

  • “We chose GrowthX as investors for their B2B expertise, for sharing our belief that success comes from customer revenue first and their stellar Market Acceleration Program. The team helped Contentools with their mapped out methodology applied to go-to-market, allowing us to replicate the step-by-step process to our own reality and scale.”

    Emilia Chagas, GrowthHackers

  • “Andrew and Max were the first VCs to have a vetting process that gave us a chance to detail the HouseKeys’ Market, prove our team’s domain expertise, and chart a path to “yes”. GrowthX makes me hopeful for well-qualified entrepreneurs who want to truly be judged by their capability and given an opportunity to build something great.”

    Julius Nyanda, HouseKeys

  • "GrowthX is one of the most helpful VC’s I’ve had the privilege of working with. Long before deciding to join InHerSight’s second round the team was adding value, brainstorming ways to enhance the platform, reaching into their network to make meaningful connections, and being genuinely accessible and approachable."

    Ursula Mead, InHerSight

  • "The company I coached [through MXP Online] put the learnings to work and achieved noticeable improvement in customer acquisition metrics. I would strongly recommend this program!"

    Kristina Milke, K-Gar Consulting

  • "MXP Online, a product-market fit virtual accelerator from GrowthX, is the best curriculum and training I've seen for early-stage founders. Can't recommend it enough."

    Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

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