Helping and Investing In Rising City B2B Founders

First we help.

Then we invest.

You won’t find us at demo days or sifting through pitch decks.
We work alongside founders to help them find product-market fit.
That’s how we source, select and earn our investment opportunities.

“Thanks to the help from GrowthX, we achieved 250% growth, $3M of revenue and profitability!”

Julius Nyanda, HouseKeys

100% Focused on Product-Market Fit

We take the guesswork out of going to market.

We’ve sequenced every step along the path to product-market fit so that founders know exactly how to systematically grow revenue.

We’ve built a library of playbooks and templates to help founders avoid reinventing the wheel and waisting their valuable runway.

We gladly roll up our sleeves and work hard alongside founders to build meaningful relationships and help them achieve real outcomes.

Our Stewardship Pledge

AS AN Innovation Investor

We believe the venture capital community can no longer ignore the ethical and moral issues that arise alongside its investment activities.

The Stewardship Pledge, pioneered by the Kauffman Fellowship, is an attempt to respond to this need.


The venture capital industry can no longer ignore the ethical and moral issues that arise alongside its investment activities, from power imbalances, lack of inclusion, or conflicts of interest. There is an ethical and moral imperative for a proactive and affirmative approach from the investor community.


As innovation investors, we recognize:

  • Our industry of innovation capital has the power to drive both private value creation and sustainable, positive societal transformation;
  • Our purpose is to direct capital and expertise to create shared value by accelerating the pace of innovation through company formation and growth;
  • Our investment decisions affect the well-being of individuals inside and outside of GrowthX, the companies in which we invest, our capital partners, the industries in which we work, and beyond, both today and in the future; and
  • Our behavior must set an example of integrity and mutual respect, eliciting trust and esteem from the multiple stakeholders we serve.

We will remain accountable to our peers and to society for our actions and for upholding these standards.

Pledge #1: Good Faith

We will not advance our own interests at the expense of our investee companies, our capital partners, or society.

Pledge #2: Honesty

We will manage our investments with loyalty and care and we will report the performance and risks of our organization and our investee companies accurately and honestly to our capital partners.

Pledge #3: Trust

We will understand and uphold, in letter and in spirit, the laws and contracts governing our conduct and that of GrowthX and our investee companies, and refrain from corruption, unfair competition, or other business practices harmful to society.

Pledge #4: Integrity

We will recognize the power imbalance inherent in the relationship between investor and entrepreneur, and will not abuse our position, engage in sexual harassment or discrimination, or condone it in the organizations and communities around us.

Pledge #5: Dignity

We will protect the human rights and dignity of all people impacted by GrowthX and our investee companies, and oppose discrimination both within our investee companies and in the process of selecting investments.

Pledge #6: Diversity

We will promote a culture of inclusion, seek out diversity of all types, and foster a sense of belonging among all the organizations and communities in which we work. To further continuing awareness and action, we will participate to the extent of our abilities in open discussion and reporting across our industry as well as encourage others to do the same.

Pledge #7: Posterity

We will develop ourselves, and coach, mentor, and apprentice the next generation of founders and investors.

Pledge #8: Sustainable

We will work with our stakeholders to support sustainable inclusive prosperity and to minimize the negative consequences of our actions to the environment and society.

  • "Now we know how to get in front of the right people at the right time!”

    Apolonio Garcia, HealthGuard

  • "I learned about The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator from several founders who raved about the program! As a seed stage venture investor in Alberta, I've noticed that GrowthX founders are better prepared to go to market and explain the specific steps they are taking to find product-market fit and how our investment would accelerate that process. The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is an important program for Alberta founders!"

    Omi Velasco, Graphite Ventures

  • “The combination of Alberta-based coaches and the GrowthX team working side by side allows Alberta to grow its knowledge and coaching capacity while also growing companies.”

    Carla Otto, Alberta Innovates

  • “I would definitely recommend The Revenue Accelerator to founders at any stage!"

    Vivi McCloy, Smoove Creations

  • "GrowthX was instrumental to us in raising our round after completing the Matter accelerator program. Andrew took the time to learn our business and not only helped us to source capital, but guided the process to ensure everything was smooth, efficient and expedient."

    Rebecca Eydeland, Mingyian

  • "MXP Online, a product-market fit virtual accelerator from GrowthX, is the best curriculum and training I've seen for early-stage founders. Can't recommend it enough."

    Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

  • "When GrowthX says, "First we help," they mean it. Their commitment to cohort members is intense, sincere, and helpful. Totally worth the time, money, and effort!"

    Joe Bellavance, Slice

  • "Our sales process was expedited by 3x through the GrowthX program!"

    Kyla Lawson, Stack

  • "The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator has been way better than anything that I could have imagined for TIQ Software! My coach is amazing!"

    Jason Suriano, TIQ Software

  • “We achieved 250% growth in MRR due to GrowthX MXP and GrowthX Capital invested!"

    Julius Nyanda, HouseKeys

  • “We couldn’t do anywhere near what we’re doing right now without GrowthX. Our founders are growing their businesses because of GrowthX!”

    Brian MacMahon, ExpertDojo

  • "The GrowthX program is our unfair advantage! Thanks to the program, we landed an eight-week paid POC and are starting a second eight-week paid POC!"

    Vance Reavie, Junciton AI

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First we help. Then we invest.