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Market Needs

Products are cheaper and easier to build than ever before, and product talent is plentiful. Differentiation comes from solving real market needs, not just building interesting products.

Customer Proximity

Something’s wrong when company founders feel the need to uproot from their homes and move to Silicon Valley to be close to their capitalists. Proximity to customers is what matters.

In The Press

GrowthX Founding Partners

  • Andrew Goldner

    Andrew sits across all aspects of GrowthX where he helps craft and guide the overall vision keeping everyone on the team pointed towards a common North Star. Andrew calls on his varied background as founder, funder, operator, advisor and technology attorney in the United States and Asia Pacific to help companies grow.

    Andrew started his career in technology in 1998 as a lawyer for early Internet pioneers such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, and Salesforce. He left private practice at Skadden Arps to join DoubleClick prior to the acquisition by Google. He then joined Thomson Financial where he co-founded their multimedia financial news business leading to the acquisition of Reuters. At Thomson Reuters, Andrew served as Publisher of Reuters News and then Co-Founder and Managing Director of their legal media business in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

    After nearly 6 years in Asia, Andrew returned to the U.S. and to helping early-stage companies. Andrew is a Kauffman Fellow (Class 21), Regional Board Member of Venture for America, and a proud Mentor at Galvanize, Dynamo, Alchemist Accelerator, and Matter.

  • Sean Sheppard

    As a serial entrepreneur, Sean has been a five-time selling founder and has successfully grown dozens of early stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets. Sean is an expert in monitoring and adjusting revenue pipelines to improve the probability and predictability of sales and marketing success.

    At GrowthX, Sean is laser-focused on driving market development for GrowthX Capital portfolio companies and leading the Sales and Business Development program at GrowthX Academy.

    Before co-founding GrowthX, Sean built and ran the sales and business development track at Tradecraft. Sean also co-founded the Professional Sales College to change the way the world values the sales profession through graduating the best educated and trained sales professionals in the world.

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  • Will Bunker

    An investor in more than 150 start-ups, Will has made it his life’s mission to help other entrepreneurs succeed in developing successful companies and achieving their goals. His skill and experience in connecting people have allowed him to build a global network of investors and entrepreneurs, all of whom he considers members of his extended family.

    Before co-founding GrowthX, Will raised and led the Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate, a seed-stage MicroVC. Will was also a selling-founder of One-and-Only.com, the largest internet dating site and one of the top 100 sites of the 90s, acquired by Ticketmaster for $47 million dollars and rebranded as Match.com.

    Will began his career working with N.B. Hunt, who sent him on a series of amazing adventures across Russia and Nicaragua, including physically carrying $250K of gold from Managua, Nicaragua to Miami, FL every other week. This increased Will’s risk tolerance to the point that starting an Internet company seemed rational.

  • As a leader of our Market Acceleration Program (MXP), Max has extensive experience developing and executing data-driven, scalable and repeatable go-to-market strategies at the early product-stage across various industries and products. Max’s expertise is centered on building systems, tools, processes and market messaging for teams to exponentially grow revenue and scale sales teams.

    Before joining GrowthX as a Founding Partner, Max built the sales technology stack and lead generation playbook for multiple early stage companies. His experience identifying ideal prospects and constructing sophisticated, multi-step email campaigns resulted in a 3-5 X increase in lead generation and overall pipeline development, putting all companies he has worked with on a path to predictable revenue.

    Max spent several years in China where he was managing director and the only foreign employee of a successful education startup that went from 15 employees to over 200 in 18 months

Our Core Values

People First

Innovative products, disruptive technology, big ideas, and massive addressable markets all come second. People come first. We are drawn to the human connection. Building and maintaining those relationships far outweighs the returns of any single transaction.

Professional Will

Our professional will fortifies us and drives our resolve to build an enduring company and to be of lasting service to our community.

Exponential Thinking

Take 30 linear steps and you end up 30 meters away; take 30 exponential steps and you end circling the planet 26 times! This is the impact we are trying to make. We want the step that we take together with our community to have an impact that is double the previous generation.


Trust is the foundation of all of our relationships. We earn trust through each interaction, both interpersonally and as members of a community. We hug elephants because we want to foster an environment of open communications, risk taking, a diversity of perspectives and the willingness to share out.

Respectful and Inclusive

Everyone should have equal opportunity to actively contribute and participate to their fullest potential. We take everyone seriously. We are aware of the pitfalls of an echo chamber. We listen respectfully and challenge disrespectful behaviors.


We treat every interaction as an opportunity. Therefore, we are grateful and we express our gratitude. By doing so, we remain mindful of our good fortune. Gratefulness reinforces our other core values and helps us stay true to them, even during challenging times.


We are open and obvious with each other and in all of our interactions, and we invite everyone to carefully consider whether we are congruous with their values, beliefs and professional goals. We are building long-term, healthy relationships by consistently communicating not only our decisions, but also our reasoning. In the process, we hope to be helpful. Transparency fosters continuously healthy relationships, even through periods of incongruity.


We acknowledge that we are owed nothing. Therefore, we are thankful for what we have. We are self-reflective and know our limitations. Humility fosters our growth mindset and helps us to recognize and appreciate that feedback is a gift. We are living in extraordinary times and we are humbled to play a role in each other’s lives and in the success of those we meet.

The GrowthX Collective

We’re open-sourcing the collective wisdom and experience of the entire GrowthX community.

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