Brian Dixon, Kapor Capital

“We were able to build more conviction around the startup’s GTM plans since GrowthX worked closely with the company. Additionally, GrowthX was instrumental in helping our investment team vet founder self-awareness and willingness to source and act upon feedback. This assistance definitely helped de-risk some of the main questions that are commonplace with early-stage companies.”

Kristina Milke, Sprout Fund

“As a VC, I rely on GrowthX’s systematic and focused approach to revenue acquisition as an investment signal. Their unique program brings founders along a journey that creates confidence and develops a strong internal process that translates to a scalable customer-focused sales approach. As one of their coaches, I have observed the founders developing this …

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Rob Barbara, Build Ventures

“GrowthX helps me understand the most important product-market fit challenges my companies face and offer specific and practical advice on how to solve them. No other co-investor or accelerator does this!”

Omi Velasco, Graphite Ventures

“I learned about The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator from several founders who raved about the program! As a seed stage venture investor in Alberta, I’ve noticed that GrowthX founders are better prepared to go to market and explain the specific steps they are taking to find product-market fit and how our investment would accelerate that …

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Bryan Slauko, Metiquity Ventures

“As an early-stage investor, the go-to-market insights I get from GrowthX are invaluable! I send companies in my pipeline because the customer and team insights are unlike anything a traditional due diligence process uncovers, and I also send my portfolio companies because nothing increases valuation like customer and revenue growth!”

Josh Kline, Ground Game Ventures

“GrowthX has provided a program for founding teams that are serious about finding product-market fit early and achieving unnatural revenue outcomes!”