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“Thanks to GrowthX, Propel grads double their contract value, shorten their sales cycles by 78%, employ over 6 people and raise nearly $2m!”

Katherine Lockhart, Propel

For Your Founders:

Individual Coaching

Group Workshops

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Custom Branding

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For your founders to successfully grow their startups and attract investors they need to demonstrate traction.

They need to move beyond concepts, theories, canvases and sporadic mentor sessions.

We help them do the actual work.

“We couldn’t do anywhere near what we’re doing right now without GrowthX. Our founders are growing their businesses because of GrowthX!”

Brian MacMahon, Expert Dojo

Accelerators and Funds

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“MXP Online, a product-market fit virtual accelerator from GrowthX, is the best curriculum and training I’ve seen for early-stage founders. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

Everything Your Founders Need to Accelerate Revenue

MXP Online

With over 12 hours of in-depth video content, our highly structured program goes beyond simply introducing concepts.

MXP Online acts as your founders’ on-demand go-to-market coach by breaking down every step of revenue generation while providing them with dozens of practical tips, case studies from our venture capital fund portfolio and actionable strategies that have helped hundreds of founders grow revenue.

Playbooks and Templates

Your founders will not only learn how to take their products to market, they will actually do it. To help them execute, we work directly with them to complete dozens of playbooks, templates and exercises specifically designed to help them find product-market fit and build a repeatable, scalable revenue engine. 

These exercises aren’t homework, it’s the actual work of customer acquisition. All together, these documents form your founders’ comprehensive revenue playbook which acts as an onboarding guide for future employees and valuable due diligence information for investors.

One-on-One Coaching

These are not your typical mentor check-ins. Your founders will be working directly with us to dive deep into their strategy and address specific challenges every step of the way.

We also train your staff, coaches and mentors to build local capacity.

Following the detailed framework and structure of MXP Online, together we keep your founders on track, help them avoid costly setbacks and set revenue milestones that set them up for success.

Group Workshops

We also lead group workshops during which we address your founders’ specific challenges, review their work and provide actionable advice and best practices that everyone can learn from.

From reviewing their Ideal Customer Profile to live-editing their cold email templates and developing their pilot programs, these workshops are about helping your founders do the work, not introducing high-level concepts. 

Venture Capital

MXP Online was built and is run by GrowthX, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund. We operate MXP Online to help us find and qualify investment opportunities for our fund and our global network of B2B investors. We help your founders effectively communicate your traction and raise capital.

Access MXP Online Now

Don’t just take our word for it! Access MXP Online now to experience the on-demand sales coaching, interactive playbooks, case studies and best practices that empower your founders to do the actual work of finding product-market fit.

“We achieved 250% growth in MRR due to GrowthX MXP and GrowthX Capital invested!”

Julius Nyanda, HouseKeys

100% Focused on Revenue

Learn. Execute. Grow Revenue.

We provide you with a proven, step-by-step program to help your founders shorten the path to product-market fit, acquire customers and grow revenue.

MXP Online is not a passive learning program. By completing MXP Online, your founders will do the actual work to take their products to market and grow revenue.

You’ll take them deep into every aspect of revenue generation for their business while providing them with the tools to successfully execute.

MXP Online provides your founders with the knowledge, structure and confidence they need to stop improvising and start going to market with intent.

Sample Curriculum

Week 1: Program Launch

Orientation of MXP Online, our SaaS-based revenue growth platform that grew out of the Market Acceleration Program (MXP) that we run excousively for portfolio companies inside of GrowthX Capital, our venture capital fund.

Module Objectives:

    • Learn the structure, common language and logic of MXP Online.
    • Learn how to use MXP Online to prepare for all individual coaching sessions and group workshops.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Making the Most of MXP Online
    • Introduction to Exercises and Templates
Weeks 1 and 2: Foundation for Growth

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Before you start growing revenue you need to take inventory of the resources you have available for revenue development. 

Module Objectives:

    • Identify what’s working and what’s not working with your current revenue strategy.
    • Understand the existing tools and resources that will ultimately fuel revenue generation moving forward

MXP Online Focus:

    • Introduction to Market Foundation
    • Resource Review – Marketing and Sales Processes
    • Resource Review – Technology and Collateral
    • Resource Review – People
Weeks 3, 4 and 5: Discover Your Ideal Customer

When bringing innovation to market, it’s critical to identify a subset of customers within your total addressable market who will give you the most amount of revenue for the least amount of effort.

This so-called Ideal Customer Profile (or ICP) is the most important asset any new business has. It directly impacts every aspect of your revenue generation strategy.

Module Objectives:

    • Leverage data to understand  and identify multiple potential Ideal Customer Profiles.
    • Understand the specific title, roles, traits, jobs and important metrics of your ideal economic buyer.
    • Identify and focus on the ICP that gives you the most amount of revenue for the least amount of effort given your current product and market development resources.
    • Reorganize and prioritize existing conversations and opportunities so that you are spending time on only the right opportunities while avoiding shiny objects.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Introduction to Market Discovery
    • Current Account Mapping and Pipeline Review
    • Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP)
    • Pipeline Prioritization
Weeks 6 and 7: Sales Process Acceleration

When it comes to acquiring customers, the key to faster revenue growth is not in building a better strategy or a bigger engine, it’s in removing friction.

If you don’t streamline every interaction with your customers then the only thing you scale is friction and low conversion rates.

Module Objectives:

    • Identify and resolve all the ways that you are making it difficult for people to become your customer.
    • Build a customer journey that has fewer steps and requires the customer to do as little work and thinking as possible to become your customer.
    • Understand the value that your product creates for your ICP to determine a simple pricing strategy hypothesis that is relevant to your stage and revenue goals.
    • Save months of learning and experimentation by completing an analysis of your competitors to inform your sales processes, pricing and messaging.
    • Prepare to lead customers through your sales process rather than react to their requests.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Competitive Landscape Analysis
Weeks 8 and 9: Goal-Based Execution

With a clear Ideal Customer Profile and an understanding of what you do for your customers, it’s time to stop talking about customers and start talking to them.

For any customer acquisition strategy to be successful, you need to align each strategy with your existing resources and revenue goals while remaining hyper-focused on attracting specific customers.

Module Objectives:

    • Build detailed customer acquisition strategies (not concepts) that will enable you to talk to, learn from and eventually acquire revenue from the right customers.
    • Understand and personally manage the steps required to launch a successful customer acquisition MVP.
    • Create highly targeted lists of potential customers that are pre-qualified and have the highest likelihood of embracing your solution.
    • Develop a series of actionable and stage-relevant customer acquisitions strategies to ensure that you are always bringing quality conversations into the top of the funnel.
    • Create a set of clear and tangible customer acquisition milestones that you can focus on achieving based upon your current resources, ICP and runway.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Customer Acquisition
    • Data Acquisition
    • Market Milestone


Weeks 10 and 11: Communicating Value, Not Features

Selling is helping. Customers don’t go out looking for technology, they go out looking for help with their problems.

To help your customers and acquire revenue, you have to stop talking about what you do and to start communicating what you do for your customers.

Building effective messaging is about clearly communicating all the ways that you impact your customers’ business, not branding, website building, elevator pitches or creating more collateral.

Module Objectives:

    • Talk to potential customers and people who know your ICP well to validate your assumptions and hypotheses about how your product can help to avoid spending time building messaging that nobody reads.
    • Leverage empathy, curiosity and business acumen about your ICP to build out tangible messaging frameworks that will be at the core of every conversation and piece of collateral that you build moving forward.
    • Understand how to communicate what your product does for your specific ideal customer and their business objectives.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Introduction to Market Messaging
    • Customer Interviews
    • Unique Value Propositions
    • Unique Selling Propositions
    • Market Message Mapping
Week 12: Keys to Scalability

To test your hypotheses and build a revenue engine that is predictable, scalable and venture-backable, you need a well defined sales process and the tools to manage that process with data (and not with feelings).

When it comes to customer acquisition, revenue is an important metric but it’s a lagging one that often provides insights when it’s too late.

To shorten the path to revenue and protect your runway, you need to measure activity, conversion rates, wins and losses.

Module Objectives:

    • Build a streamlined sales process and funnel by identifying and defining the steps you and your customers take as they move further down the funnel.
    • Build the foundation of a data-driven business by identifying the metrics that will help you objectively measure whether or not your strategies, activities and efforts are creating results or just busy work.
    • Move your current conversations, leads and opportunities into a tracking system that maps them back to your new sales process.
    • Leverage your new system to gain real-time clarity on where revenue is going to come from and when.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Introduction to Marketing and Sales Instrumentation
    • Marketing and Sales Funnel
    • Customer Relationship Management
Week 13: Filling the Funnel, Part 1

Now that you have lists of potential customers, effective messaging, a strong ICP and are setup for success to move conversation down the funnel, it’s time to start executing on your customer acquisition strategies.

Early-stage revenue comes from the right activities and messages being directed at the right customers. This is not about spray-and-pray. Rather, it’s about dialing in your efforts to validate your hypotheses while filling the funnel with qualified potential customers.

Module Objectives:

    • Learn how to and execute outbound campaigns via phone, email and social media.
    • Start testing your market and earning conversations with customers who are likely to provide you with the most amount of revenue for the least amount of effort.
    • Track the effectiveness of each campaign to enable thoughtful iteration and optimization from one campaign to the next.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Introduction to Market Outreach
    • Campaign Creation and Execution 
Week 14: Filling the Funnel, Part 2

As you begin to fill your calendar with customer meetings, you’ll want to be prepared to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

This does not mean having an elevator pitch, script and a deck ready to throw at anyone who hops on a Zoom call with you. To be successful, you need to be prepared to ask the right questions, actively listen and seek fit with each prospective customer.

As you move conversations further down the funnel, you’ll want to avoid unexpected objections and delays in the sales process by taking a leadership role in every conversation.

Module Objectives:

    • Understand how to ask the right questions to qualify good opportunities and avoid spending time on opportunities that will distract you from your revenue goals.
    • Build a conversational framework, not a script, that moves customers from interested in your product to needing your solution for their business problem.
    • Implement best practices to lead every customer interaction in order to reduce friction and shorten sales cycles.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Conversational Framework
Week 15: Filling the Funnel, Part 3

Building effective collateral that resonates with customers and actually impacts sales cycles is a time intensive process.

Unfortunately, in most cases collateral development is haphazard busy work that takes up valuable resources but has little to no impact on revenue generation.

To save time and protect your runway, make sure that every investment of your valuable time has a direct and tangible impact on customer acquisition.

Module Objectives:

    • Develop and optimize key pieces of collateral that will help you acquire your first customers. We call this your collateral MVP.
    • Understand how to implement consistent messaging across your collateral development efforts to save time while optimizing impact and effectiveness with customers.
    • Create and implement a collateral development pipeline so that you only build what you need when you need it.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Opportunity Framework
Week 15: Driving Predictable Revenue, Part 1

With outbound launched, active conversations moving down the funnel and your sales process keeping you organized, start taking the time to regularly and proactively manage your sales efforts.

Start making decisions based on data, not feelings, to acquire customers, shorten sales cycles, and inform how you spend your time each week and what changes you should be making to your revenue generation strategies.

Module Objectives:

    • Learn how to hold yourself and others accountable for the activity and results that drive customer acquisition.
    • Manage your time, effort and resources on the right opportunities with the highest potential to close.
    • Gain control over your sales pipeline to improve visibility and predictibility of revenue.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Prepare to Scale
    • Pipeline Management
Week 16: Driving Predictable Revenue, Part 2

To grow from a few customers to a scalable revenue engine you need to first have successful customers.

A lot of work goes into acquiring customers, but the most important work happens once they are signed up to work with you.

The time that you take and the work that you do to set your customers up for success with your product is what will drive new customer acquisition moving forward.

Module Objectives:

    • Create an onboarding strategy that enables customers to experience the value of your product as quickly as possible.
    • Understand the resources needed to successfully onboard customers and how that impacts your bandwidth and, in turn, your sales efforts.
    • Move beyond customers simply liking your product and identify the specific metrics that tangibly demonstrate the positive impact your product has had on their business that will attract future customers.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Customer Onboarding
Week 16: Driving Predictable Revenue, Part 3

As you launch new strategies and begin to fill the funnel you’ll begin to see that not all opportunities move at the same pace.

Rather than constantly hunting for a new list of contacts to throw into the top of the funnel, you should be optimizing for growth opportunities with existing customers and for conversion opportunities with people in the middle of your funnel.

Module Objectives:

    • Identify and activate strategies to re-engage existing contacts in your funnel to revive opportunities.
    • Proactively communicate with existing customers, source growth opportunities and warm referrals.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Nurture Framework
Week 16: Resources for Scale

As you acquire more customers you will also start to create more work for yourself and your team. When it comes to adding team members to your startup, the advice to move fast and break things is not a winning strategy.

Startups tend to wait until they are already overwhelmed to make a hiring decision, when in most cases the need to hire was fairly predictable months in advance.

Module Objectives:

    • Identify which roles you will need to fill as you acquire more customers and the trigger events that will indicate that you’ve reached the time to hire.
    • Go beyond needing to hire a “marketer” or “sales person” and understand the specific jobs that need to be done so that you can find people who can do those jobs.
    • Build a talent pipeline of people that are ready to start working with you when the timing is right.

MXP Online Focus:

    • Talent Acquisition
Week 16: Raising Venture Capital

Venture capital is only one form of capital, so before you start trying to convince a VC why you qualify for it, understand what is and what it expects of you so that you can determine whether or not you want it.

If you do, then avoid making the #1 mistake that founders make when raising venture capital – they confuse being busy for making progress.

The identical framework that you have been following for the past 15 weeks to raise revenue applies to the process of raising capital.

Module Objectives:

    • Understand what venture capital is, how it behaves and why to determine if it’s consistent with how you want to build your company.
    • Learn how a VC firm is organized and how VCs make investment decisions.
    • Translate your traction progress into a narrative that is compelling to a VC.
    • Identify the characteristics of the investor most likely to be ready, willing and able to invest right now (i.e., your Ideal Investor Profile).
    • Learn best practices for Cap Table management (and how to avoid the most common mistakes).
    • Understand common Term Sheet provisions.

    “The GrowthX program had a tremendous impact on our portfolio company by efficiently helping it develop a strong go to market strategy. As a board member, they helped me understand the most important product-market fit challenges the company faced and offered specific and practical advice on how to solve them. No other co-investor or accelerator does this.”

    Rob Barbara, Build Ventures

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this help our founders attract investors?

    Yes! As we say at GrowthX, “traction speaks louder than words or pitch decks”. By participating in completing MXP Online, founders will build a traction narrative and the documentation to back it up that will attract the right investors.

    More importantly, by growing revenue, founders will be able to protect their runway. This will enable them to protect more of their equity and give them the time to find the right investors.

    What types of startups are a good fit?

    MXP Online is designed to help early stage, post-MVP startups find product-market fit and grow revenue regardless of industry, sector or geography.

    While we and other accelerators around the world have deployed MXP Online in a variety of use cases, from universities to fortune 500 companies, the startups that get the most out of the program are B2B businesses that are either pre-revenue or just post-revenue.

    As we say, this program is designed to help founders that are either looking for their first customer or looking to repeat their first customer.

    How long does the program take?

    MXP Online is a highly flexible program that can be deployed over varying lengths of time. Our accelerator partners have built custom programs around MXP Online that last anywhere between one month to a year. 

    Typically, we recommend that accelerators run MXP Online as a 4-month program. Our detailed and proven 4-month structure gives entrepreneurs enough time learn the material, build a foundation for growth and start seeing real revenue results.

    What is the time commitment for founders?

    The time commitment that your founders will make is not to MXP Online, it’s to their go-to-market journey. Founders should be prepared to spend 25% of their total time in any given week on the execution of their go-to-market strategy.

    If they are able to commit the time required to build a revenue engine, MXP Online can provide them with the knowledge and playbooks that will help them make the most of that time while avoiding unnecessary and costly wrong turns.

    Rather than take up founders time with mentor sessions, guest speakers and lunch’n’learns, MXP Online is designed to provide your founders with the bandwidth to do the actual work of finding customers and growing revenue.

    What is MXP Online?

    MXP Online is a SaaS-based revenue growth platform that grew out of the Market Acceleration Program (MXP) that we run inside of GrowthX Capital, our venture capital fund, exclusively for our portfolio founders. Six companies from our VC fund have been acquired, and over 75% of MXP participants have raised additional financing at a higher valuation.

    MXP Online enables your founders to do the actual work of taking their product to market, not just teaching them the concepts. 

    They will be provided with on-demand video coaching that covers concepts, best practices, exercise instructions and real world case studies from the GrowthX Capital portfolio. In addition to the on-demand masterclass, they will also be provided with a written summary of each topic as well as written instructions on how to complete each exercise.

    At the heart of MXP Online is a library of over 30 templates and exercises that will help them test hypotheses, organize resources, reduce market risk and ultimately shorten the path to revenue.

    From cold email templates and pricing strategies to competitive analysis and a hiring roadmap, the collection of completed templates will provide your startups with a comprehensive playbook that they can begin to scale up. GrowthX Capital portfolio companies still use their MXP templates years after participating to help keep their team focused and to onboard new employees.

    The library of templates also serve as valuable due diligence documents for investors looking to gain insight into their go-to-market strategy.

    MXP Online creates a common language and a strong framework to help your founders prepare for individual coaching and group workshops, and help your staff and mentor community set clear and specific expectations and drive real results.

    Do you invest in companies that complete MPX Online?

    Yes! We look at companies that have gone through MXP Online as pre qualified investment opportunities for our fund – GrowthX Capital – and our VC partners around the world. 

    Is there an industry or sector focus with MXP Online??

    No. MXP Online has been used to accelerate companies at various stages (from pre-seed to fortune 500 companies) and in nearly every industry. From fintech, healthtech, deep tech, B2B, B2C,, govtech, SaaS, marketplaces and more, what we have found is that while products and markets are unique, the path to product market fit is not. It’s a formula. 

    MXP Online provides the fundamental framework for any company to find product-market fit and grow revenue. Where this approach is most successful is when it is supported by the local and industry expertise of individual accelerators, their coaches and mentors.

    How much does it cost to run MXP Online for my accelerator?

    In most cases, MXP Online is priced on a straightforward per startup basis. The cost per startup includes not only access to MXP Online for startups and your team but also:

    • Live AMA to educate potential participants led by GrowthX
    • Live program kick-off and onboarding led by GrowthX
    • Live group workshops during the program led by GrowthX
    • Application criteria
    • White-label version of MXP Online and more!

    Want to know more about pricing? Contact us here.

    How does MXP Online impact our coaches and mentors?

    With MXP Online, your coaches, mentors and staff are now able to make the shift from teaching to executing alongside your founders.

    By leveraging MXP Online to explain concepts, best practices and the how-to of customer acquisition, your team will have a proven and consistent framework to guide your startups to revenue growth.


    Your founders and coaches will have a shared language and und

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    • "What I like about MXP Online, running an accelerator myself, is the focus on going super deep on market traction. It’s a no-holds-barred deep dive into who you sell to, getting proof from that specific buyer, tailoring materials, meetings, and your team.”

      Colin Christensen, Fuse42 Accelerator

    • “We believe MXP provides systematic guidance for our startups. Personally, as the Director leading Born2Global, I have a lot of respect for the team, especially their dedication and passion for startups.”

      JaeSung Ro, Born2Global Korea

    • “We chose GrowthX because their MXP provides everything founders need to develop revenue and find product-market fit."

      Les Schmidt, BRIIA

    • "MXP Online, a product-market fit virtual accelerator from GrowthX, is the best curriculum and training I've seen for early-stage founders. Can't recommend it enough."

      Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

    • “MXP Online provides practical tools and processes to guide founders toward optimal product-market fit. I highly recommend this invaluable accelerator for any and all start-ups.”

      Brian Donaldson, Alberta Innovates

    • "The company I coached [through MXP Online] put the learnings to work and achieved noticeable improvement in customer acquisition metrics. I would strongly recommend this program!"

      Kristina Milke, K-Gar Consulting

    • ”GrowthX MXP is the perfect partner to help Malaysia succeed in the Innovation Economy”

      Yasmin Mahmood, Malaysia Digital Economy Corp

    • “The combination of Alberta-based coaches and the GrowthX team working side by side allows Alberta to grow its knowledge and coaching capacity while also growing companies.”

      Carla Otto, Alberta Innovates

    • “MXP Online sets the bar high and reveals a clear path to growth for founders who are diligent, focused, and willing to do the work.”

      Graeme Jobe, Co.Labs

    • “We couldn’t do anywhere near what we’re doing right now without GrowthX. Our founders are growing their businesses because of GrowthX!”

      Brian MacMahon, ExpertDojo