We help your founders systematically grow revenue, find product-market fit and raise capital.

“Thanks to GrowthX, Propel grads 2X their contract value, shorten their sales cycles by 78%, employ over 6 people, and raise nearly $2M!”

Kathryn Lockhart, Propel

We’re an early-stage VC fund

started in Silicon Valley by Go-to-Market Experts.

We sequenced the path to product-market fit to help our portfolio companies reduce the time it takes to get investment-ready for their Series A, and retain more ownership along their journey.

We partner with accelerators, tech hubs, economic development agencies and co-investors to give their founders that same unfair advantage.

We do this to generate reliable insights and earn the opportunity to invest.

Founders Helped


Capital Raised

“As a board member, GrowthX helped me understand the most important product-market fit challenges the company faced and offered specific and practical advice on how to solve them. No other co-investor or accelerator does this.”

Rob Barbara, Build Ventures

How We Partner With Accelerators

We’ve created a continuum of resources to help your founders grow revenue and find product-market fit.

We do this as investors because our interests are aligned: you’re working to graduate investor-ready startups, the lifeblood of any venture capital fund.

Here are the most common ways we partner to help your founders and earn the opportunity to invest in them:

Expert Resources

We’ve built an extensive collection of expert resources for you to share with your founders. It’s not a passive blog.

Our resources are filled with downloadable worksheets and templates that help your founders systematically grow revenue and raise venture capital. And they enable your coaches to give specific and actionable feedback, hold your founders accountable and help them create real revenue results.

Our resources come with an invitation to your founders to share their work with us and a promise to our accelerator partners that we’ll promptly respond with helpful feedback.

We prefer helping your founders to passively reviewing their pitch decks.


We volunteer our time to host workshops coordinated with your existing cohort schedule to provide valuable and actionable insights to your founders.

Our workshops are hands-on and always include real-world case studies from our venture capital portfolio and templates and exercises to actively problem-solve with your founders during (and after) our time together.

This is the most common way we start getting to know a new community of founders and begin earning the opportunity to invest.

Coordinated Programming

We work closely with you to thoughtfully integrate our proven go-to-market system into your accelerator and train your coaches. We work with your team, train your coaches and help every step of the way with program implementation, delivery and success.

Dozens of global accelerators partner with us to solve the scale-up gap, galvanize local investors and generate meaningful economic impact as measured by revenue, jobs and investment.

The powerful combination of our go-to-market expertise, on-demand modules, templates and workshops in tandem with your trained local coaches has been proven to produce real revenue results and local investment activity.

The Revenue Accelerator

We invite your post-demo day founders to join an upcoming cohort of The Revenue Accelerator, our 16-week, fully remote program that’s 100% focused on customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Your founders will join graduates from 500 Startups, Techstars, Alchemist, Plug ‘n Play, gener8tor and other global programs.

Your founders can participate individually or as a small, dedicated cohort, within our program. We continuously share insights, feedback and traction updates about your founders.

We also offer to pay your staff to continue coaching with your founders during our program as they themselves get upskilled and certified as a go-to-market expert.

For dozens of managing directors and accelerator operators, The Revenue Accelerator is a logical next step for their post-demo day founders to continue to get more hands-on help and grow on their path to scale and Series A.

“As a VC, I rely on GrowthX’s systematic and focused approach to revenue acquisition as an investment signal.”

Kristina Milke, Sprout VC

  • "MXP Online, a product-market fit virtual accelerator from GrowthX, is the best curriculum and training I've seen for early-stage founders. Can't recommend it enough."

    Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

  • “We chose GrowthX because their MXP provides everything founders need to develop revenue and find product-market fit."

    Les Schmidt, BRIIA

  • ”GrowthX MXP is the perfect partner to help Malaysia succeed in the Innovation Economy”

    Yasmin Mahmood, Malaysia Digital Economy Corp

  • “The combination of Alberta-based coaches and the GrowthX team working side by side allows Alberta to grow its knowledge and coaching capacity while also growing companies.”

    Carla Otto, Alberta Innovates

  • “We couldn’t do anywhere near what we’re doing right now without GrowthX. Our founders are growing their businesses because of GrowthX!”

    Brian MacMahon, ExpertDojo

  • “MXP Online provides practical tools and processes to guide founders toward optimal product-market fit. I highly recommend this invaluable accelerator for any and all start-ups.”

    Brian Donaldson, Alberta Innovates

  • “We believe MXP provides systematic guidance for our startups. Personally, as the Director leading Born2Global, I have a lot of respect for the team, especially their dedication and passion for startups.”

    JaeSung Ro, Born2Global Korea

  • “MXP Online sets the bar high and reveals a clear path to growth for founders who are diligent, focused, and willing to do the work.”

    Graeme Jobe, Co.Labs

  • “If you’re considering MXP from GrowthX, just stop considering and move forward. Trust me! We’ve been blown away by the results!!”

    Kathryn Lockhart, Propel

  • "What I like about MXP Online, running an accelerator myself, is the focus on going super deep on market traction. It’s a no-holds-barred deep dive into who you sell to, getting proof from that specific buyer, tailoring materials, meetings, and your team.”

    Colin Christensen, Fuse42 Accelerator