The only accelerator in Alberta 100% focused on helping tech founders win customers and grow revenue.

Alternating cohorts serving urban and rural tech founders.

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16-Week Intensive

30+ Hours of Hands-On Help

15 Hours of Video Content

Live, Virtual Program

Rolling Applications

Zero cost. Zero equity.

“We were lucky to have the GrowthX opportunity! Our sales increased 400% during the program, and this year we will do 10X our last fiscal year.”

Allie Knull, Resume Free

“We started the program at $300k ARR and grew $50k/mo throughout the program. We’re now at $500k ARR and with a healthier pipeline than ever before!”

Derrick Koenig, Ontopical

Traction Speaks Louder Than Words

Most programs – including the most well-known accelerators – teach you high-level startup theory and spend your time building data rooms and pitch presentations for demo days.

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is entirely focused on helping you execute proven strategies to win customers and grow revenue. We help you do the work.

We capitalized on the program’s insights and had a strong year, achieving 600% ARR growth and 450% customer growth. We are on pace to hit and exceed our first $1MM ARR this year.

Leighton Healey, KnowHow

“We tripled our revenue in one month during the program and we are on track to do that again this month!”

Temi Okesanya, Road Aider


Everything You Need to Accelerate Revenue

MXP Online

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is powered by MXP Online, GrowthX’s proven revenue generation platform. With 15 hours of in-depth video content, this highly structured program goes beyond simply introducing concepts.

MXP Online acts as your on-demand go-to-market coach by breaking down every step of revenue generation while providing you with dozens of practical tips, case studies from our venture capital fund portfolio and actionable strategies that have helped hundreds of founders grow revenue.

Playbooks and Templates

By completing The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator, you will not only learn how to take your product to market, you will actually do it. To help you execute, you’ll complete dozens of playbooks, templates and exercises specifically designed to help you find product-market fit and build a repeatable, scalable revenue engine. 

These exercises aren’t homework, it’s the actual work of customer acquisition. All together, these documents form your comprehensive revenue playbook which acts as an onboarding guide for future employees and valuable due diligence information for investors.

One-on-One Coaching

These are not your typical mentor check-ins. During your regular one-on-one coaching sessions, you will be working directly with us to dive deep into your strategy and address specific challenges every step of the way.

Following the detailed framework and structure of MXP Online, we will keep you on track, help you avoid costly setbacks and set revenue milestones that set you up for success.

Group Workshops

During the full-cohort workshops, we’ll activate and contextualize the content of MXP Online by highlighting tangible strategies for growth. We’ll provide best practices and actionable advice that you can activate immediately. Likewise, we’ll use the sessions to address your specific challenges, share wins, and review specific strategies that you’re working on so that everyone can learn from the feedback. 

From reviewing your Ideal Customer Profile to live-editing your cold email templates and developing your pricing model, these workshops are about helping you to make the transition from strategy and theory to action and execution. 

Small Group Coaching Sessions

These small, intimate working sessions are dedicated to helping you complete specific and tangible aspects of your go-to-market strategy. You’ll focus on completing the absolute most critical aspects of any revenue generation strategy – from nailing your ICP to developing your revenue milestones and crafting your messaging. We’ll break the cohort down into two smaller groups so that you can not only have more time and attention from our coaches, but also be in a better position to support and be supported by your peers.

Venture Capital

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is run by GrowthX, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund. We operate The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator to help us find and qualify investment opportunities for our fund and our network of investors. During the final phase of The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator we help you effectively communicate your traction and raise capital.


“We reduced our sales cycle from 8 months and 10 touch points to 1.5 months and 3 touch points. We just closed a $75,000 customer in 1.5 months! We’re about to overshoot our annual sales forecast for the first time as a company.”

Curtis Hughes, Arolytics

Powered by MXP Online

Access MXP Online Now

Don’t just take our word for it! Access MXP Online now to experience the on-demand sales coaching, interactive playbooks, case studies and best practices that empower you to do the actual work of finding product-market fit.

100% Focused on Revenue

Learn. Execute. Grow Revenue.

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is not a passive learning program. By completing the program, you will do the actual work to take your product to market and grow revenue. We’ll take you deep into every aspect of revenue generation for your business while providing you with the tools to successfully execute. 

This program will provide you with the knowledge, structure and confidence you need to stop improvising and start going to market with intent. 

We have mapped out every week of The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator so that you know exactly what you’ll be learning and executing at every step along the way.

Important Dates


Open Information Session

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March 17, 2023

Urban Cohort Application Deadline

(Alberta founders in Edmonton or Calgary – apply here)

April 3, 2023

Urban Cohort Program Launch

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator?

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator – a partnership between Alberta Innovates and GrowthX – is an intensive 16-week program designed specifically to help startups identify and acquire early revenue.

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator enables early stage teams to stop improvising and start growing revenue with intent. 

What makes The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator different?

Unlike most accelerators that lack a specific curriculum and focus solely on building products and raising money, The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator follows a highly-detailed and proven curriculum that is 100% focused on helping you market your product and make money. It’s entirely about customers and revenue, because traction speaks louder than words (and pitch decks).

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is not academic. You will be doing the actual work of taking your product to market with the personal help of our team and local coaches who have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs successfully scale revenue.

No other accelerator has built and deployed an extensive and proven curriculum, framework and playbook entirely dedicated to winning customers and growing revenue. 

What is MXP Online?

MXP Online is our SaaS-based revenue growth platform that grew out of the Market Acceleration Program (MXP) that we run inside of GrowthX Capital, our venture capital fund, exclusively for our portfolio founders. Six companies from our VC fund have been acquired, and over 75% of MXP participants have raised additional financing at a higher valuation.

MXP Online enables you to do the actual work of taking your product to market, not just teaching you the concepts. Every topic is structured the same way. You will be provided with on-demand video coaching that covers concepts, best practices, exercise instructions and real world case studies from the GrowthX Capital portfolio. In addition to the on-demand masterclass, you will also be provided with a written summary of each topic as well as written instructions on how to complete each exercise.

At the heart of MXP Online is a library of over 30 templates and exercises that will help you test hypotheses, organize resources, reduce market risk and ultimately shorten the path to revenue. From cold email templates and pricing strategies to competitive analysis and your hiring roadmap, the collection of completed templates will provide your startup with a comprehensive playbook that you can begin to scale up. GrowthX Capital portfolio companies still use their MXP templates years after participating to help keep their team focused and to onboard new employees.

The library of templates also serve as valuable due diligence documents for investors looking to gain insight into your go-to-market strategy.

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is powered by MXP Online.

I attended a program like 500 Startups, Alchemist or Techstars. Will this program be a fit?

Yes! At GrowthX, we’ve accelerated and invested in companies that have graduated from those accelerator programs (and many more).

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator picks up where other programs leave off: a deep dive into – and the actual work doing – everything that you need to do so to find product-market fit. If you’ve graduated from one of these programs, you’ll be in a great position to succeed in The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator. 

What can I expect to achieve through The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator?

There are three goals to the program: (1) identify and validate your initial target market; (2) grow revenue; and (3) effectively communicate your traction to attract investors.

Participating companies typically experience a 4-10X increase in revenue and contract value and a 50% reduction in sales cycles.

Once you have built a sustainable revenue engine, you will be able to protect your runway, grow revenue and attract the right investors.

How is The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator structured?

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is a 16-week program that is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, coaching and confidence you need to find product-market fit and grow revenue. 

There are five key components to The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator:

    1. MXP Online – The Market Acceleration Program (MXP) is our proven go-to-market playbook and masterclass. With over 12 hours of in-depth video content, MXP Online is your on-demand coach showing you exactly how to win customers and grow revenue. MXP Online is not an academic online course. It is a rigorous, step-by-step program that includes over 90 videos, 30 playbooks, dozens of case studies and hundreds of practical tips to help you shorten the path to profitable revenue. 
    2. One-on-one Coaching – You will work directly with us and a local coach. These individual coaching sessions hold you accountable for your revenue goals and leverage our extensive go-to-market expertise to help you apply the revenue strategies developed using MXP Online and accelerate your path to profitable revenue.
    3. Group Workshops – When not working one-on-one with your coach, you will be attending group workshops. One of the best ways for startups to learn is to see how others are doing it. During the group workshops, we will review and resolve specific challenges for each company. 
    4. Group Working Sessions – In these dedicated group working sessions, small sub-groups of the cohort will meet with your coach to focus on completing the specific aspects of the program that are most critical to your go-to-market success. In each session, there will be a specific topic and exercise for you to work on in advance. During the session, you will collect feedback from your coaches and peers that will help you better understand and execute the strategy that is most likely to succeed.
    5. Investor Readiness – The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is run by GrowthX, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund. This program is designed to help us find and qualify investment opportunities for our fund and our global network of investors. At the end of the program, we will help you build your fundraising narrative, communicate your revenue progress using your MXP Online documentation and raise capital.
How do I apply for The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator?

To apply, you will complete our Market Readiness Assessment and meet with our team to discuss your go-to-market needs and goals.

Once we’ve reviewed your Market Readiness Assessment, we will then reach out to schedule application interviews with qualified applicants. Click here to apply.

Is there a cost and/or do you take equity?

There is no cost to you as a founder, as Alberta Innovates has fully funded the program for your benefit (and the benefit of the Alberta ecosystem).

Likewise, we do not take equity in exchange for your participation. As a venture capital fund, if we have earned the right to invest in you, we will buy that equity like other investors.

Will The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator help me find investors?

Yes! As we say at GrowthX, “traction speaks louder than words or pitch decks”.

By participating in The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator you will build a traction narrative and the documentation to back it up that will attract the right investors.

Hopefully, including GrowthX! Once of the reasons why we run The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is to find great founders and earn the right to invest in them.

Who should apply to The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator?

The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is for startups that have an MVP but have not yet achieved product-market fit. The standard for product-market fit is not a certain revenue threshold. Rather, it’s when a known and reapetable set of market activities generates a known and repeatable set of revenue results. 

Any founder who has been through our program will tell you that this is not a passive program. To be successful, you must be prepared to do the work. 

Successful applicants are those who demonstrate a learn-it-all attitude, a desire to get better at customer acquisition and share our core values.

What is the time commitment for The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator?

The program is 16-weeks long and you are required to attend all group workshops, small group coaching sessions, and one-on-one meetings over that time period.

Rather than take up your time with mentor sessions, guest speakers and lunch ’n learns, The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is designed to provide you with the bandwidth, expertise and tools to do the actual work of finding customers and growing revenue.

The commitment you are making is not to us; it’s to your co-founder(s), team and company. You should be prepared to spend 25% of your total time in any given week on winning customers and growing revenue. If you make this commitment, you will grow your revenue and avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

Do you invest in companies that graduate from your program?

Yes, but it’s not guaranteed. Examples of participating companies that we’ve invested in include HouseKeys and Aerotrax

Does The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator have an industry or sector focus?

No. At GrowthX, we have invested in and successfully accelerated companies from nearly every industry and business model and what we have found is that while products and markets are unique, the path to product market fit is not. It’s a formula. 

While there are many industry- and sector-specific accelerator programs, most of them are loosely affiliated mentor networks that struggle to create meaningful impact. In our experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we have yet to find a situation where industry background or lack thereof was a significant hindrance to our ability to grow revenue.

Who are the local coaches?

We are constantly adding GrowthX-certified coaches to the program in Alberta’s urban population centers and rural areas.

A current list of coaches can be found here.

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  • ""Any startup, in any market needs to go through the Growthx Revenue Accelerator"

    Jackson Payne, Deeleeo

  • "I recommend GrowthX to any startup or business looking to achieve sustainable growth and success."

    Blaine Bertsch, Dryrun

  • "We grew 6X through the program!"

    Brandon Kwong, Air Trail

  • “MXP Online provides practical tools and processes to guide founders toward optimal product-market fit. I highly recommend this invaluable accelerator for any and all start-ups.”

    Brian Donaldson, Alberta Innovates

  • "The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator has been way better than anything that I could have imagined for TIQ Software! My coach is amazing!"

    Jason Suriano, TIQ Software

  • "MXP Online has had a distinct and visible impact on not only sales, but investor conversations. We now can showcase our focus, market understanding, and sales plans to address our target market in a way that resonates with investors."

    Anthea Sargeaunt, 2S Water

  • "We started the program at $300k ARR and grew $50k/mo throughout the program. We’re now at $500k ARR and with a healthier pipeline than ever before!"

    Derrick Koenig, Ontopical

  • “The combination of Alberta-based coaches and the GrowthX team working side by side allows Alberta to grow its knowledge and coaching capacity while also growing companies.”

    Carla Otto, Alberta Innovates

  • "The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is the most effective program that I've participated in! It's been the difference between success and failure for us, as recent new revenue is a direct result of the program."

    Peter Gammell, onthejob

  • "MXP Online cuts through the clutter and focuses entrepreneurial attention on what matters most early in the life cycle of a start-up: product-market fit. Consider yourself fortunate if you have the opportunity to be a GrowthX participant."

    Jake Burlet, CanBiocin

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