Product-Market Fit Workshop

We volunteer our time to host a 60-minute workshop. It’s how we begin earning the opportunity to invest in your startups.

Workshop Details

Our Product-Market Fit Workshop covers the most important step your founders need to take: identifying their Ideal Customer Profile (ie., the people who are most likely to become a paying customer).

During the workshop, we:

1. Teach your founders what an Ideal Customer Profile is,

2. Review step-by-step instructions on how to create an ICP,

3. Illustrate every step with real-world examples drawn from our portfolio, and

4. Share best practices to build their judgment and confidence.

Following the workshop, we:

1. Share our ICP template to enable your founders to apply everything from the workshop to their startup,

2. Provide access to additional resources to help your founders with their ICP and every step of their journey to product-market fit, and

3. Invite your founders to review their ICP together with a member of our team.

“I don’t think I have attended a session where the importance of knowing your customer was explained better than this!”

Immanuel Momanyi

Villgro Africa

“It’s amazing to get clear and direct insight on how to build up the initial steps of a startup achieving a solid market fit.”

José Cabañero

Eatable Adventures

“Every budding entrepreneur needs this workshop! I appreciated getting an easy to follow process for identifying my Mr. Right Now.”

Angel St. Jean

Baltimore Mayor's Office

“We were blown away by the immensely valuable content in our recent “Go To Market” session with the GrowthX team!”

Caitlin McCalister


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