Product-Market Fit Workshop

We want to earn the opportunity to invest in your startups.

Traction Speaks Louder Than Words


Our venture capital fund, GrowthX Capital, is run by operators with extensive go-to-market experience. Being helpful is our primary form of due diligence.

Founders enjoy an unfair advantage, and our fund enjoys a reliable source of investment signal.

We partner with global organizations that support founders and volunteer our time to host a 60-minute virtual product-market fit workshop.

It’s how we begin earning the opportunity to invest in your startups.

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“I don’t think I have attended a session where the importance of knowing your customer was explained better than this!”

Immanuel Momanyi

Villgro Africa

“It’s amazing to get clear and direct insight on how to build up the initial steps of a startup achieving a solid market fit.”

José Cabañero

Eatable Adventures

“Every budding entrepreneur needs this workshop! I appreciated getting an easy to follow process for identifying my Mr. Right Now.”

Angel St. Jean

Baltimore Mayor's Office

“We were blown away by the immensely valuable content in our recent “Go To Market” session with the GrowthX team!”

Caitlin McCalister


Workshop Topics

Market Foundation

Prepare for your go-to-market journey by establishing your market development resources

Market Messaging

Clearly and consistently communicate what you do for your customers, not just what you do.

Market Outreach

Generate enough conversations to test your customer and messaging hypotheses.


Market Discovery

Identify who has the most pressing problem or urgent need and who you can help today.

Market Instrumentation

Capture and analyze market feedback to avoid the mistake of bringing feelings to a data fight.

Market Scale

Increase go-to-market activities based on all prior learnings as you validate that you’re ready to scale.

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Workshop Highlights

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