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Kelsey Hahn, Monark

“With the help of GrowthX we had the revenue traction and a tangible GTM strategy to help us close our Seed round!”

Kara Mason, BrainSTEM

“Thanks to The Revenue Accelerator, we landed 3 new contracts for over $100,000 of new revenue! We now have a repeatable sales process to acquire new customers!”

Kristina Milke, Sprout VC

“As a VC, I rely on GrowthX’s systematic and focused approach to revenue acquisition as an investment signal. Their unique program brings founders along a journey that creates confidence and develops a strong internal process that translates to a scalable customer-focused sales approach. As one of their coaches, I have observed the founders developing this …

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Jack Patton, STRE.ME

“After The Revenue Accelerator, we’re on track to hit our projections for the first time. Booked revenue is already 4x more than the entire previous year!”

Antony Seppi, Alloy

“We immediately realized the value in The Revenue Accelerator for Alloy founders! It has yielded consistent, sustainable growth for the companies.”

Kenzie Butera Davis, maro

“The Revenue Accelerator fundamentally altered the way my team thinks about sales. We were seeing a lot of interest, but were really struggling to convert that interest to paid contracts. The program helped us dig deep and build our first repeatable sales process, and I just closed my pre-seed round with AlleyCorp and Kapor Capital!”

Peter Czernecki, 10xONE

“Since completing The Revenue Accelerator, 70% of the top 20% of the businesses in our target market are in active discussions with us!”

Kevin Celisca, Integrate School

“This transformative experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. We now possess a crystal-clear roadmap to profitability, whether or not we secure external investments. We wholeheartedly endorse founders to embark on this incredible program!”