Dirk Propp, Immigrate

“The timing of the program basically saved our company. It helped us go from cash burn to cash positive.”

Babak Shahmansouri, StoryBolt

“GrowthX helped us identify our Ideal Customer Profile, which allowed our customer acquisition efforts to be laser-focused. We already landed a sales opportunity with a Fortune 1000 company!”

Aditya Kaddu, Edstruments

“TRA helped us bring more discipline and focus to our sales process. The coaches are amazing, and go above and beyond to support participants!”

Amir Khaleghi, Curbhub

“It was the best investment that I’ve made…we secured our first pilot customer!”

Peter Gammell, onthejob

“The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator is the most effective program that I’ve participated in! It’s been the difference between success and failure for us, as recent new revenue is a direct result of the program.”

Jackson Payne, Deeleeo

“Any startup, in any market needs to go through the GrowthX Revenue Accelerator.”

Sameer Vagal, Uplift-5P

“Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have done this program earlier and avoided all of those lost months talking with the wrong people.”

Jessa Kuchmak, Pontem

“Pontem submitted 50 proposals in 2020, however with the focus provided by GrowthX’s tools we have sent out 30 proposals in 3 months and increased our win rate percentage.”

Vance Reavie, Junction AI

“The GrowthX program is our unfair advantage! Thanks to the program, we landed an eight-week paid POC and are starting a second eight-week paid POC!”