Sandy Padala, Rex K-12

“Thanks to The Revenue Accelerator, we’ve added $1.8M to our pipeline in the last 3 months!”

Kelsey Hahn, Monark

“With GrowthX’s help, we had the revenue traction and a tangible GTM strategy to help us close our Seed round!”

Melvin Newman, Patabid

“With the help of GrowthX, we went from 31 to 83 customers, and we are finalizing our first investor!”

Emeka Oguh, PeopleJoy

“After working with GrowthX, we have two new deals with a combined ACV of $225K!”

Kenzie Butera Davis, maro

“The Revenue Accelerator fundamentally altered the way my team thinks about sales. We were seeing a lot of interest, but were really struggling to convert that interest to paid contracts. The program helped us dig deep and build our first repeatable sales process, and I just closed my pre-seed round with AlleyCorp and Kapor Capital!”

Kara Mason, BrainSTEM

“Thanks to The Revenue Accelerator, we landed 3 new contracts for over $100,000 of new revenue! We now have a repeatable sales process to acquire new customers!”

John Leper TheUXM

“The Revenue Accelerator is an end-to-end B2B sales program that is immediately applicable. The key is the methodology and the team. The GrowthX difference is the highly effective methodology that weaves together proven-effective (sometimes counter-intuitive) elements and the people that expertly and passionately guide you. In other words, it works!”