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Christopher Day, Elevate Ventures

“Helping our founders go to market is more important than ever. That’s why we chose to work with GrowthX! Their expertise, system and platform has been invaluable. The results speak for themselves!”

Stevan Samuel, Noxsano

“I highly recommend the TRA program to all founders, regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey! If you put the work in, you will see the results.”

David Bettenhausen, Aerotrax

“The Revenue Accelerator helped us with some incredible enterprise customers and a healthy pipeline to drive forward! After continuing to hit milestones through the course of the program, GrowthX Capital invested.”

Louis Kolla, RUNNR

“The month following The Revenue Accelerator, we’ve landed 8 new customers and grew 45% month-over-month!”

Kathryn Lockhart, Propel

“If you’re considering The Revenue Accelerator from GrowthX, just stop considering and move forward. Trust me! We’ve been blown away by the results!!”

Alexis Jones, Noted

“Through The Revenue Accelerator, we have increased our revenue and established recurring revenue!”

Rob Barbara, Build Ventures

“GrowthX helps me understand the most important product-market fit challenges my companies face and offer specific and practical advice on how to solve them. No other co-investor or accelerator does this!”

Kristy McCann Flynn, GoCoach

“Thanks to the GrowthX Revenue Accelerator we’re on track to surpass our highest quarterly goal to date!”

Omi Velasco, Graphite Ventures

“I learned about The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator from several founders who raved about the program! As a seed stage venture investor in Alberta, I’ve noticed that GrowthX founders are better prepared to go to market and explain the specific steps they are taking to find product-market fit and how our investment would accelerate that …

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Rachel Drew, Cadence

“We started the program pre-revenue and within 2 months began working with 4 customers, got to over $50K and raised our seed round!”