Testimonial information page.

Rachel Drew, Cadence

“We started the program pre-revenue and within 2 months began working with 4 customers, got to over $50K and raised our seed round!”

Brian Donaldson, Alberta Innovates

“The Revenue Accelerator provides practical tools and processes to guide founders toward optimal product-market fit. I highly recommend this invaluable accelerator for any and all start-ups.”

Bryan Slauko, Metiquity Ventures

“As an early-stage investor, the go-to-market insights I get from GrowthX are invaluable! I send companies in my pipeline because the customer and team insights are unlike anything a traditional due diligence process uncovers, and I also send my portfolio companies because nothing increases valuation like customer and revenue growth!”

Carla Otto, Alberta Innovates

“The combination of Alberta-based coaches and the GrowthX team working side by side allows Alberta to grow its knowledge and coaching capacity while also growing companies.”

Josh Kline, Ground Game Ventures

“GrowthX has provided a program for founding teams that are serious about finding product-market fit early and achieving unnatural revenue outcomes!”

Jason Suriano, TIQ Software

“The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator has been way better than anything that I could have imagined for TIQ Software! My coach is amazing!”

Jeff Kaplan, Venture Asheville

“The Revenue Accelerator is the best go-to-market curriculum and training I’ve seen for early-stage founders. Can’t recommend it enough.”