John Leper TheUXM

“The Revenue Accelerator is an end-to-end B2B sales program that is immediately applicable. The key is the methodology and the team. The GrowthX difference is the highly effective methodology that weaves together proven-effective (sometimes counter-intuitive) elements and the people that expertly and passionately guide you. In other words, it works!”

Prasanthi Naidoo, Joberfer

“Since completing the GrowthX Revenue Accelerator, we have seen a growth in listings of over 215% and revenue growth of 100%. We definitely recommend GrowthX to founders seeking to improve their go-to-market strategy and find product market fit.”

Jack Patton, STRE.ME

“After The Revenue Accelerator, we’re on track to hit our projections for the first time. Booked revenue is already 4x more than the entire previous year!”

Claire Dixon, Neuraura

“The Alberta Innovates Revenue Accelerator transformed sales from a “dark art” to a structured process with very accessible tools, templates and best practices!”

Julia Zay, enunc8

“The Revenue Accelerator has been a game-changer for enunc8!”

Peter Czernecki, 10xONE

“Since completing The Revenue Accelerator, 70% of the top 20% of the businesses in our target market are in active discussions with us!”

Angela Goldenstein, HUMN

“I was wandering around in the dark looking for a flashlight. The Revenue Accelerator was the flashlight I needed!”

Kevin Celisca, Integrate School

“This transformative experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. We now possess a crystal-clear roadmap to profitability, whether or not we secure external investments. We wholeheartedly endorse founders to embark on this incredible program!”